High Voice Quality 3W*2 Frequency Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

High Voice Quality 3W*2 Frequency Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Product Description:

Support: 3.5mm mp3,mobilephone,ipod,ipad, iphone, FM, TF card, hand free calls.
Dimension: 155*42*58MM

Weight: 230g/pc 
Material: ABS and aluminium alloy  
Power Supply: Rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion battery 
Speaker Unit: 3W*2 
Frequency Response:  280Hz-16KHz  
SNR: ≥95db  
Distortion: ≤0.5 %  
bluetooth V3.0+EDR  
Transmission distance: 10M   
Color: blue, black, red, silver white



1x speaker, 1x charging cable, 1x aux. cable, and 1x user manual


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Q:How the speaker converts the electrical signal into an acoustic signal
This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and drives the coil to vibrate. The cone connected to the coil is also vibrating, and the sound is emitted.
Q:matching car receiver to speakers?
Whatever speakers you get it will say on the box what it's rated at. It will say what is recommended and what could blow the speakers. If it says 40 watts I suggest getting a tad bit more powerful like 60 or up just to make sure it doesn't blow the speakers. I got kenwoods and I forget what it was rated at, but I'm pretty sure its around 75. They sound great! Also don't buy speakers from the store get it from amazon. So much cheaper.
Q:What happens if I connect 4 speakers to my 2 channel.?
it will work but each speaker will have not enough watts just leave it with 2 speakers becuase thre is less of a load on you amplifier plus 2 speaker with enough watts sound soo much better than 4 with not enough watts because once you turn it up with 4 speaker it will distort and sound like garbage but if you leave the 2 speakers hooked up they will recieve the proper wattage and you stereo will sound much better.
Q:how good are jl car door speakers?
For one, speaker sound is subjective. I may love them and you may hate them and vice versa, but quality wise, even JL's lowest quality speakers are good. I think it would be hard to be disappointed with any JL speaker or sub. There may be something that performs comparably for less money, but JL's are good.
Q:civic speakers?
The two front door speakers are 6.75. The rear speakers are 6x9
Q:need help with my home theater speakers?
You simply need to go into your receivers menu and under speaker settings adjust the levels for all speakers. It will play a test tone and you want to adjust the level of all speakers so they are the same at the listening position. Leave the main left and right main speakers at the middle of the output level and adjust the rears to match the mains. Same goes for the center channel speaker if you have one. That is it Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist
Q:How many speakers can I have?
Sounds like you want to hook these speakers up all at once. You can hook up any two of your speakers in series but not three. When you hook up in series you add the impedances and three ( 8 + 6 + 4) would be 18 ohms which is outside the recommeded range. Also, you have to understand that since the impedance of the speakers are different, when you hook up the speakers together in series the power distribution to the speakers will be uneven. The lower impedance speaker will get more of the power and may sound louder. To answer your other question, speaker impedance of 6-16 ohms is per channel. That means you can have as many speakers as you want as long as the total impedance per channel is between 6 and 16 ohms. However, this does not mean you hook up two speakers and get twice as much sound or hook up four and get four times. What happens is the power gets divided up between the speakers so you might have four speakers but the power gets divided up four ways. I hope that answers your questions.
Q:Nextbook 7 inch speakers?
Some of the more advanced models may have speakers built in but most basic models have a speaker out port where external speakers need to be hooked up.
Q:2 way speaker 3 way speaker whats better?
this may well be a fallacy certainly - basically because of the fact you're a community of one language does not make you an authority on the technicalities of it. maximum community audio gadget can no longer even record the definitely form of vowels and consonants recent of their language. besides, why might somebody on line, looking forward to that internet purchasers can come from everywhere interior the international, be criticized for assuming which you will possibly no longer be a community English speaker? Why does it make you indignant? Why is it which you ask the solutions to this question be polite once you basically mentioned you wanted to snap human beings's necks? Why do you have this manner of comfortable ego? clarify your condition to those that ask you the question while you're a non-community speaker. You definitely can't anticipate human beings to be omniscient approximately those issues.
Q:Sunfire 2002 Details - Speakers?
Front door: 4 x 6 Rear deck: 6 x 9 You can always count on GM to use the same speakers on the same cars over and over again yes the speakers stayed the same for the years posted.This is one of the reasons techs have given them the nickname Generous Motors.

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