Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

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Product Description:

Product Description


  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker 3.0+EDR

  • With hands-free function,can answer phone calls.

  • Audio in,can connect with any music devices which has 3.5mm standard port to play music.

  • Built-in 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery .

  • Handbag design, easy to carry.

  • Supporting TF card.


Our Advantages:

  •  We are manufacturer of Bluetooth speaker.

  •  Our month production volume is 10,000 pcs.

  •  We export to our products to Europe,America,Asia,Middle East and Africa due to our large 


  •  We can produce new items according to your requirements.

  •  OEM orders are available 

Handbag Shape Wireless Bluetooth speaker with Mic
2014 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

With Line-in function,supporting TF card 
2014 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

Different color to choose
2014 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic Blue

Packaging Detail:

Color box packaging

Also accept customised box 

Custom Packing : Can add logo, images etc all by your request

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Q:What are voice speakers?
There are three basic types of speakers; small ones (high tones), medium ones (usually vocals and everyday speakers), and big ones (bass). The voice speakers are usually around a 4 to 6 diameter and are meant to be very clear, but not have much kick to them. if you want loud music that you don't really feel, you want these speakers.
Q:dell XPS 600 speakers wont work?
Speakers are not set with the computer, you just plug them in and bam they work. You have either one of three problems. Your audio card drivers are not installed, your audio card is dead, or most likely (since you said old speakers) those speakers are shot. Try a different pair.
Q:What car speakers match these speakers I found?
Not okorder
Q:Good car speakers that have bass?
Depends on your definition of a lot of bass but not really. Your speakers take care of your highs, midrange, and midbass, but they will not give you much bass, or sound as good as a complete setup. Sundown has some 6.5 subwoofers coming out soon that look promising if you just want to take up as little space as possible. (Don't use these in doors because they are subs, not midrange. They have pretty high throw for a 6.5). But if anything to get the most bass out of a regular speaker I would look at either 8 or 6x9's.
Q:The more speakers I have the louder?
If all the speakers are connected to one amplifier, adding speakers does not make it louder because the power will be divided between the speakers evenly. If the added speakers are connected to their own amp, then the system would be louder. This question is like opening a can of worms because there are so many unknowns. In general: more speakers WITH more amplification louder more speakers WITHOUT additional amplification same volume
Q:Is there a thing as speaker paint?
Anything you add to the speaker cones will affect the sound quality. I don't know of any speaker paint, but if it's that much of an issue, you could get your speakers reconed or just have them replaced. Personally, if they sound alright, I couldn't care less. Another idea: put a cloth or wire mesh over the speaker enclosure. This should nullify the cosmetic state of the speakers while not appreciably messing with your sound.
Q:Quality white surround sound speakers?
KEF Audio KHT-3005 surround speakers are good when compared to other speakers. It has an excellent features and the design of these speakers are too good. KHT3005 is an extremely high performance, yet room-friendly home theater system, which raises both the design and performance. These are elegant home theater speaker packages compared to other speakers and the cost of these speakers are $1,075. Hope you will like these speakers.
Q:How many speakers in car speakers?
Yes you can. Each car speaker is 4 ohms so you would have to hook all of them up in a series connection in order to avoid an ohm load that is below 8 so the amp doesn't fry. Hook them up like this for a 16 ohm load and you will be safe.
Q:best 6x9 speakers out there?
Q:Sunfire 2002 Details - Speakers?
Front door: 4 x 6 Rear deck: 6 x 9 You can always count on GM to use the same speakers on the same cars over and over again yes the speakers stayed the same for the years posted.This is one of the reasons techs have given them the nickname Generous Motors.

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