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*Fuel cells are upgraded version fuel cell of PhyX series with better perfromance in stability and durability.  

*Fuel cell system is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design, who includes: fuel cell stack, fans, IC board and electromagnetive valve. 3000W is a suitable power for the mobile applications, for instance PC,

*Motorcycle and backup power system.


Products characters:

1. Light weight and compact design

2. Low noise

3. Simple system and high reliability

4. Quick startup, good dynamic performance

5. Excellent environment adaptability;

6.Simple control and communication policy.


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Q:How do Fuel Cell Cars Work?
A fuel cell car is an electric car that gets it's energy from a fuel cell instead of a battery. A fuel cell is a device that turns fuel directly into electricity, without burning it. The only fuel cells I know of that are in production use methanol or hydrogen as fuel. If you buy a fuel cell you could replace the battery on an electric car and have a fuel cell car.
Q:how fuel cells are made?
hydrogen oxygen gas is formed
Q:have any scientests even considered yet that pumping extra water vapor into the air might be harmfull?
Whoa, Nellie. Back the boat up. Before you jump on H-fuel cells as a pollutant by returning water to the environment, take a look at the water that is PRODUCED by the combustion of hydrocarbons. The combustion of a hydrocarbon produces carbon dioxide and water vapor. Look at the tailpipe of car when you start it in winter. All that smoke is (hopefully) condensed water vapor (and not burning oil). 2C8H18 + 9O2 --16CO2 + 18H2O We'll use normal octane as a stand-in for gasoline. It's pretty close in molecular weight. Notice that 2 moles of octane produced 18 moles of water vapor!!!!! That's a lot of water that gets pumped into the environment. When we compare the comparable amounts of energy produced by burning hydrocarbons and using H-fuel cells, the hydrocarbons produce more H2O, by far. Also consider where the hydrogen will come from to use in fuel cells. Hydrogen can be produced from the electrolysis of water. So it comes down to this: Take one mole of water and make one mole of hydrogen and half a mole of oxygen. Then burn one mole of hydrogen with a half-mole of oxygen and make a mole of water. Look at that: parity. There is NO net gain in water. A couple of other things. Carbon dioxide blocks more IR than does water vapor. Also, there are NO other products coming from the operation of a fuel cell, only water. I'm glad you asked this question before you go off and start spreading a lot of misinformation.
Q:Are there any other cheaper catalysts for a PEM fuel cell other then platinum?
overall performance isn't rather plenty the variety of vehicle used. A van will for particular carry greater effective products than a bike and the activity ought to be achieved precise and immediately. determining to purchase an workers time is a ingredient in overall performance and the money needs to be generated from someplace. The carbon footprint extends to how the income is generated to pay the fees. i does not adventure happy working for a company that presented me with a bicycle to furnish guard heavy products in a busy city centre. that's 2010 now not 1910.
Q:Anyone interested in building a fuel cell?
Don't waste your time the worlds cleanest car is coming next year. It runs on compressed air. It will be way cheaper than the hydrogen cars.
Q:PLEASE HELP! Need opinions! hyrdogen fuel cells?
Hydrogen fuel cells may not be the best way to run a car. A hydrogen on demand system would be more practical. The storage of hydrogen is dangerous when you get into an accident. Japan already has a car that runs on a hydrogen on demand system.
Q:What company, or companies are making hydrogen fuel cells for cars?
Ask Midas or that geiko thing.lolBlessings Yahoo
Q:How do you create energy using [ hydrogen fuel cells ] ?
Do okorder
Q:How do structures in different systems work together to fuel cells with oxygen and food molecules?
Well for oxygen, you breath in oxygen and it travels through your trachea into your lungs into your alveolis. In your alveolis, oxygen is exchanged for CO2 with your blood as it passes by in the capillaries. Then it takes the oxygenated blood from the capillary of your alveolis to your pulmonary veins to your left atrium--left ventricle--aorta--vena cava--rest of your body (cells) For food: Mouth--esophagus--stomach--duodenum intestine--Large intestine okay the actual absorption of food (sugar) occurs in the small intestine. These disaccharides were broken down by the pancreas and mouth (amylase). Small intestine has fold which are called villi which have hexose transporters. These sugar transporters bind to the monosaccharides and take then across the cell membrane to the interior of the intestinal cell. Once inside the cell, the sugars move to the other side of the cell, where different hexose transporters deposit them into the capillaries abutting the intestinal cell. From there, sugar is in your blood which carries it to cells that take up the sugar molecules for energy based on the homeostatic glucagon/insulin cycle. I hope this is what you were looking for or atleast helped
Q:How easy is it to install a stationary Fuel Cell in a home or building?
there are different kinds of fuel cells, and that influences how they are installed. low temp PEM type cells are easier to deal with than solid oxide fuel cells which must operate at high temp. no matter which one you use, you must keep it at least 10 feet away from any structure to prevent hydrogen that will invariably leak out of the system from collecting inside the structure and becoming explosive. I've worked in fuel cell research in a former life, and in my opinion, they are not ready for prime time. the power generated is generally not enough to overcome the power required to run the support equipment.
The company has the intellectual property rights and key technology on several projects such as: hydrogen scale producing, photo catalysis environmental cleaning, solar cell of new generation, low-cost proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), low-cost and high efficiency LED white light illuminator. .

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets 30.00% South America
20.00% Western Europe
20.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% North America
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Africa
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, Russian
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