Universal Racing Car Fuel Cell

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1.good hand-welding with polish finished

2.Fuel Cell/Fuel Tank/Fuel Can 1/2/3/4L with fitting

3.Color:Silver Material:Aluminum

1.good hand-welding with polish finished

2.Fuel Cell/Fuel Tank/Fuel Can 1/2/3/4L with fitting

3.Color:Silver Material:Aluminum

4.Universal fitment

5.Small order qty Accepted


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Packaging Details:negotiated exporting packings

Delivery Detail:35days

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Q:Electrochemistry Question HELP?
fuel cells are very useful as power sources in remote locations, such as spacecraft, remote weather stations, large parks, rural locations, and in certain military applications. A fuel cell system running on hydrogen can be compact and lightweight, and have no major moving parts. Because fuel cells have no moving parts and do not involve combustion, in ideal conditions they can achieve up to 99.9999% reliability .This equates to around one minute of down time in a two year period.
Q:Hydrogen fuel?
ever hear of the Ford Pinto Hydrogen fueled cars would hundreds of times worse
Q:Customized Oakley fuel cell?
Fuel Cells are sized for Large heads. Since you Just got them, you'll need to call customer service ASAP and tell them you want to exchange them for custom gascans as these are two large. They may reply that you should have tried them on first etc. However, as long as there is no etching on the lens and the glasses are not damaged in anyway and you have all the paperwork, you should be able to go ahead and exchange. HTH D
Q:have any scientests even considered yet that pumping extra water vapor into the air might be harmfull?
I okorder
Q:Can anyone tell me if the only limiting factor to this idea would be the volume of the gases produced?
A fuel cell is perhaps 80% efficient. An electrolysis cell is less, perhaps 50%. So you are losing energy in both steps. The amount of hydrogen you get out is probably 40% of the hydrogen you use up. How do you use oxygen to power a motor? That doesn't work either.
Q:how do hydrogen fuel cell cars work? what are the fuel possibilities honda has come with?
sorry but that other answer is wrong, hydrogen fuel cells don't burn the hydrogen they combine it back with oxogen from the air to release electricity when it form water again, the water just drips out the tail pipe and the electricity is used to power the motor is it complicated but basically there are very thin plates that act like filters where the hydrogen and oxogen pass through to each other where they release electrons which then run along the plate to the motor hydrogen is basically used like a very powerful battery to run an electric car the only down side of this technology is the way you choose to make the hydrogen there are three ways to make it, easiest way is to put electrodes in water and collect the hydrogen as it separates from the oxogen but you need to create the electricity to make it separate so if you are using say a coal fired power plant for your electricity then you are kinda counteracting the clean power benefits from using the hydrogen
Q:PA laws on fuel cells?
Make sure the trunk is sealed from the passenger compartment. Sheet-metal along the back of the rear seat. Vent it through the floor of the trunk.
Q:which are better the Batwolfs or the MLB fuel cell oakley's?
Personal experience: I have multiple pairs of plaintiffs
Q:What's the difference between fuel cell, hydrogen and hybrid cars?
Fuel cells are used in hydrogen cars and hybrids run of of two energy sources. Like Gas and Electricity.
Q:What actually moves a fuel cell powered car?
To impact our industry, our society and our planet with our greatest effort to develop green technology, PEARL commits efforts to being a low-cost solution expert in the hydrogen energy industry. PEARL hopes to cooperate with men of insight to promote the development of hydrogen energy economy and to bring you a zero-emission environment and a bright future.

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Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Southeast Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications CE Certificate; ISO9001:2008

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Export Percentage 61% - 70%
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