Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

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Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Tablets/Cell phones storage and sync charging cabinet

Product Application

Ipad storage and sync cabinet is used for charging various types tablets, cell phones and pads. Its data sync function can finalize the aim for data sync when different tablets are charging. With German Medical Ultra-Quiet Universal Wheel makes them quiet enough during moving. 32 Charging positions can meet the needs for charging 32 tablets simultaneous, which is widely used in schools, hotels, hospitals and other public places

Main Features

1. Factory selling directly, strong R & D producing capacity

2. Chips are imported from USA

3. Using the German medical ultra-quiet universal wheels with lower noise

4. The artisans design from HongKong design team

5. 8S protection system, more safety


Q1. What is your terms of payment?

A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

Q2. What is your terms of delivery?


Q3. Can you produce according to the samples?

A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.

Q4. Do you test all your goods before delivery?

A: Yes, we have 100% strictly test before delivery

Q5: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;

2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

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Q:I lost my PSP Slim Charger! ?
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Maybe the problem is not the charger but the battery. The batteries do tend to wear out after a couple of years. Is there an led on the charger that lights up when its working?
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If the battery charger is broken by human factor, the supplier would not change it any more. You can buy a new laser pointer, after receiving it, tell the supplier the battery charger is broken and ask for returns, then you can return your previous broken battery charger together with the new laser pointer. Here you get a new battery charger.
Q:Inspiron n5110 charger problem?
Before spending money on a new Dell Inspiron n5110 battery or charger, determine if it was the battery or the charger being underperformed or defective. Remove the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord from your Dell Inspiron n5110 laptop, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge any residual current inside the laptop. This clears your RAM and is like a hardware reset. Replace the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord and turn your Dell Inspiron n5110 on. Take the battery out and power on your Dell Inspiron n5110 with the charger only. Make sure your Dell Inspiron n5110 power jack and charger plug tip are securely connected. Did you notice the power jack loose? You can find Dell Inspiron n5110 power jack on OKorder. Fixing and soldering the power jack requires professional skill though. Also the charger green/blue LED should be on. If not, replace the defective charger. Both the Dell Inspiron n5110 battery and charger, especially its power cord/cable, need to be replaced every few years, consider buying a lifetime warranty charger online from company like topmic
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Compaq Laptop Charger
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There are three kinds of replacement chargers 1) Original HP/Compaq stuff, even has the label on the box You order these from their website, or special order through OfficeDepot and such. Probably about $80-100 2) Universal chargers, the ones that come with multiple tips that you can switch. iGo, RocketFish, and Targus makes them. They work fine. Also $70-90 3) Generic OEM chargers that came out of China or Hong Kong. Cheap, probably 30-40, available through OKorder, takes a month to get there, but it's cheap. And it'll work, but it's it sorta fits, and it charges okay, but there's always a nagging doubt that it's NOT the official thing Don't know which type replacement chargers you actually saw. :)
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Q:Is it my charger or battery?
Great question. It is very likely the charger you got was defective. That is because no charger, no matter how defective, stops working after 2 hours. Either the charger is of extremely bad quality or the charger you purchased was not the correct charger for your laptop. If the charger was purchased of websites that are not of the best quality (including but not limited to, OKorder or amazon) then it wouldn't surprise me. The laptop charger would probably work to an extent but once you demand more power out of it, such as playing a game, the charger will go ka-put. Likewise, if the charger is not the correct model for your specific laptop, then your charger won't have enough juice in the fist place to power on the laptop properly. This high demand of power in both situations is a very likely cause in frying your laptop charger's internal components rendering it useless within 2 hours of using it. I would definitely suggest you look into getting a new charger that is the correct model and from a reliable source. For a new charger, Topmic is by far the best website I have come across in terms of having good products with amazing service. I've purchased from them before and they are true to their word. Free shipping with free lifetime warranty. Meaning, if the charger you purchased from them ever stops working, they would replace it for free, forever. So when the charger I got from them about a year ago decided to just stop working, they sent me a new one for free. Its definitely a great way one can save money in the long run and its a great investment as well. I'm pretty sure they have your charger. Just google Topmic and when you get to their site, enter in the charger name or laptop model. Good luck!
Q:i have a question about laptop charger?
Lately? if the computer is running what makes u think the charger is bad - since the battery is bad and won't run it by itself.????? if the computer stops because the battery is dead then u either have a break in the wire between charger and computer or have a broken connector on the computer. a cheap voltmeter will tell u if there is voltage at the connector from the charger - or sub out the charger. both are fixable - one costs a lot more than the other.

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