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Product Description:

Key Features:
* Stackable 2000mAh Power bank.
* Patent pending : Stack feature design
* It is a high cumulative capacity rechargeable battery that allows you to charge any micro USB
  device( DC5V).
* It is light and handy.
* It can be working by one or group.
* Power capacity:2000 mAh,1 +1=4000 mAh
* Rated input:DC5V/1A
* Rated output:DC5V/1A
* Battery  type:Lithium Polymer
* Input port:MICRO USB
* Output port : USBA2.0
* Ripple voltage:<250MV
* Quiescent current:<40UA
* Transformation rate: >85%(VIN=3.7V,VOUT=1A)
* Approval / Certification: CE,EMC,LVD,FCC,Rosh
size of product :75mmx13mm
Packing information:

* QTY: 60pcs/ctn
* G.W.:9.0kg
* N.W.:8.2kg
* MEAST: 38x23x32cm

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