CDAT1(Replacing H7ET) Super Miniature Electronic Time Accumulator

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Product characteristic

(1)DIN48×24mm standard panel size.expansion to 50×60mm is available
(2)No subject to external power supply for inner one
(3)Power consumption:High accuracy of time accumulation
(4)Six-position(with panel reset).visual and clear display
(5)Lock at panel reset prevents misoperation
(6)No mechanical wear brings long endurance


The present product list of time accumulator is as followes:
CDAT1-1 99h59min59s
CDAT1-2 9999.99h
CDAT1-3 99999.9h
CDAT1-4 9999days 23h
CDAT1-5 9999h59min59s
CDAT1-6 999999.99h
CDAT1-7 9999999.9h
CDAT1-8 999999days 23h

Technological data

(1) Power supply:Inner power supply
(2)Battery endurance:≥6 years
(3) Time accumulating range:
CDAT1-1 99h59min59s
CDAT1-2 9999.99h
CDAT1-3 999999.9h
CDAT1-4 9999days23h
CDAT1-5 9999h59min59s
CDAT1-6 999999.99h
CDAT1-7 9999999.9h
CDAT1-8 999999days 23h
(4)Letter height:6.7mm
(5)Max:resistance for contact make:≤10kΩ(Counting ON)
(6)Min resistance for contact break:≥500kΩ(Counting OFF)
(7)Max input residual voltage: 0.5V
(8)Min signal pulse width:≥0.2s
(9)Weight:about 60g
(10)Holing size:22.5×45mm
(11)Reset mode:Panel button reset external terminal reset
(12)Ambient temperature for service:-5℃-+40℃。
(13)Time accumulation error:≤0.002%

Wiring diagram
Outline dimension & installation size diagram

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Q:Why does the fuse in my Honda's 12-Volt power outlet burn out shortly after I plug in my radar Detector?
Your car is fine. Your radar detector has issues though. Is something else plugged in as well?
Q:Replaced the bulbs in a 97 sebring fog lights fuses are fine, still dont work?
There are really only three options left and I would check them in this order: The fog light relay (most likely underhood) The fog light switch The wiring between all components A volt/ohm meter can test all of the above.
Q:Why isnt the radio turning on?
Check fuse #18 (20amp, yellow) in the Power Distribution Center box under the hood. This fuse has a plastic pull-tab on it. It's used to control Ignition-Off Draw IOD. The fuse is pushed in when you take delivery of the vehicle. The owners' manual explains that it's used to keep the battery from draining during extended storage. If it's blown, you will need to determine what caused it to blow. This 20a fuse won't blow unless you've added a load to the circuit or there is a component failure. It doesn't take much to blow the fuse, the addition of a stereo or alarm, or even the power window modification, if you wired it into that circuit. If you haven't added an additional load, and the vehicle self-tests check out OK, dealer service will need to diagnose the problem.Also check the fuses in the fuse box by the driver's left knee inside the car and a 40 amp fuse up in the power distribution box under the hood.
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
Q:What is electrical drainage and is it cheap to fix?
Drainage' is cheap to fix, once you find it. If it's just your time, (and you've got a lot of it), go ahead. It means isolating parts of the electrical system and patiently going over the wiring to find the 'leak'. (In a vehicle that old there might be a lot of frayed/abraded wire to replace because it's 'about ready to go'.)
Q:do i have to replace the whole part in a 1997 ford thunderbird back lights and blinkers?
If the lights aren't working, check the bulbs and the connections.
Q:03 buick rendezvous REAR DEFROSTER front switch and light works fuses &relay good but no power to the?
Tony. You checked the connections properly. One is power, the other is ground at the connectors. Did you look at the wiring harness where it goes through to the tailgate? This is a common place for wires to break from repeated opening/closing of the gate. The switches are usually reliable. Any fuses for the circuit should be either under hood or dash. Your owners manual should show you where. If you have anymore questions or need advise give me an e-mail. UPDATEThere is a technical service bulletin regarding this problem. It involves the diagnosis of the grid. It has a different grid power distribution. Bulletin # 04-08-48-001B
Q:What's the most common component effected by electrical surges?
Typically the power supply. Sometimes as simple as a blown fuse, other times it can wreck the transformer, bridge, regulation circuits and of course resistors etc. Check fuses first.
Q:My motorcycle wont start after i switched the neg and pos terminals, I checked the fuses they were good, HELP?
check the fuses again with a volt meter some times they look good but aren't.Take the fuses out if you can .Check the wires with a ohm meter selection to see if they are grounded.usually these two functions are on the same tool.Next check the battery to see if you have 12 volts.
Q:motercycle batteries?
You ruined your stator I bet.

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