CDEC1(replacing H7CN) Super Miniature Electronic Counter

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Product Description:

Model & explanation
Main technological data

1.Power supply:Inner power supply.
2.Battery endurance:About 10 years (25℃).
3.Counting range:0-999999 8:0-99999999
4.Min.counting speed:
CDEC1-L 50ms (10 times/s)
CDEC1-H 2.5ms(times/s)
5.Reset mode:Panel button reset (six-position)External terminal reset
6.Ambient temperature for service:(-5~+40℃the state of no freeze)
7.No voltage input:
Max.resistance for contact make:≤10KΩ(Counting ON)
Min.resistance for contact break:≥500KΩ(Counting OFF)
Max.input residual voltage:0.5V
8.Voltage input: L:DC 0V-2V H:DC4V-30V (H is active) (put impedance:≥4.7KΩ
9.Min.reset pulse width:≥0.2s
10.Weight: about 60g
11.Holing size:22.5×45mm

Wiring diagham
Outline dimension & installation size diagram

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Q:Peugeot 306: What electrical component is failing?
get new terminals fitted .and as suggested charge battery ,car will start ok with that done .rem to tighten battery terminals well .you said you wiggle them and lights come on . that suggests not tight enough ok .all the best .
Q:Is it possible to remove the service engine light completely, and is there a fuse that will do this?
Tamper proof by whose terms? The average guy, maybe so. The average GM tech, maybe not. Depends if the lamp is replaceable or built into the dash assembly. Replaceable, you just get down to removing the dash assembly (no fun, usually) and pull the lamp. But as you say, Why? To go to that much trouble to hide some problem would be something a typical disreputable used car lot would pull. But on the other hand, if you've had it hooked up to a diagnostic computer and nothing shows for now, who knows if it's been tampered with or just a bad lamp. The seat belt light is another issue, unrelated to the other. Could be a simple switch bad in the retractor assembly. And if you wear the seat belt anyway, you don't really need 'reminding'.
Q:How many fuse boxes does a 1989 Toyota pickup has?
fuse panels: 2 one under the dash above the driver's side kick panel and there's another under the hood, between the battery and the windshield. neither will let you adjust idle nor are there any fuses inside that will affect the idle. How to turn the idle down? Now that depends on why the idle is high. BUT, there is a screw on the throttle you can turn which is the ONLY official way of adjusting the idle. The idle adjustment screw ON THESE TRUCKS is known for having the o-ring harden which then allows engine vibrations to cause the screw to vibrate and back out which in turn will cause the idle to increase. Pull the screw out, install new o-ring, then adjust your idle back where it should be. Now wasn't that easier than the 2 page reply above me?
Q:What is an internal thermal fuse and what does it do?
Q:Speaker drops out after replacing blown fuse, how do I fix it permanently?
It sounds to me as if your fuse did not blow fast enough and you did some damage to your speakers.
Q:Need help in recognizing power pole types and its components.?
Most of these are insulators. A, D, E G are pin or post insulators B, C F are suspension insulators. The items circled in magenta on F and in yellow on G are fused disconnect switches.
Q:ac blower and turn signal stopped working?
Fans usually have their own relays my car has two. Completely different systems would not be connected. Look in your owners manual there may be another fuse box. My daughter's car has 4 fuse boxes.
Q:Big problem with my trucks wiring?
My first thought would be that you don't have a high enough rated fuse plugged in. I know they're color-coded AND stamped with the amp ratingbut are you sure it's the right one? Have you gone up a size to see if that helps? If you have a short, going from a 10- to 15-amp fuse, for instance, won't really run the risk of damage—it'll still blow. If you're confident about the rating or going up a notch doesn't help, you might have to disconnect everything on that circuit and plug the components in one-at-a-time until you find what blows the fuse. Once you have a suspect, pop in a new fuse and plug in just that one thing. If it blows again with nothing else on, you know where your problem is. Good luck!
Q:my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
Does the power cord coming from the cb radio have a fuse? if so, it is probably blown. If it does not, then you may have fried a diod or other component on the cb radio circuit board.
Q:mercedes 83 300sd fuse for the clock?
If your clock has stopped working in your W126, it is most likely not a fuse problem but instead the clock is broken. Below is a link on a step by step DIY guide on how to fix the clock. Edit: Sorry I couldn't be of help but I could tell if I was back home and took a look under my hood and the fuse box. I am currently on business in Korea and won't be back home until Oct. 3rd. I believe the fuse box label tells you which fuse it is, and fuse is used for other electrical components too. Below I found some more links dealing with the fuses in a W126. Take a look at the link towards the bottom of the page (fuse #13).

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