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Q:finding a short in my 98 mustang?
I would use the meter in current mode, not voltage. Look for the DCA range. You might have to switch the positive lead to another port for testing current depending on the range. Like you said, hook the meter up in series with a battery terminal and start pulling fuses until the current draw suddenly drops. Then you know which circuit to investigate.
Q:My fuel pump on my 1992 Saab will not get any power to it/not work.Any suggestions?
Check fuses and relays, you need the wiring diagram and component locator. The wiring diagram will help you trace the circuit. The ECM usually provides the relay ground circuit and the relay provides the power to the pump.
Q:Vector Collision?
For this problem, you'll have to use conservation of momentum in both x and y direction. For x direction - m1v1 (x) +m2v2(x) (m1+m2) V(x) 4.91*248*cos(20.3) -2.96*282*cos(16) (4.91+2.96)*V(x) solve for V(x) here. V(x) would be the x component of the vector (as asked in the question format). Similarly conserve momentum in y direction, and solve the problem.
Q:i have a fuse slot that is not working which killed my mass air flow sensor. Does this mean the wires going to?
Put a fuse that is correctly rated for that slot. Turn the ignition on (engine off) and see if the fuse pops. Right now you may have a short in that system. You need to recreate the situation that popped the fuse in the first place. The only way for wiring to go bad is to draw to many amps through the wires that will in turn, melt the wires. The fuse box is there to protect the vital components of the car. If the mass air flow sensor is not working, the car will not stay running. It will start, but not stay running.
Q:hi i want profile of fuse industry?
there is no fuse industry - fuses are a very small piece of electronic components market
Q:Looking at buying a 2005 Scott Speedster 5G. Anyone know anything about this bike?
Whilst I don't know anything about THAT bike, I will let you know that I commute on a bike with a similar spec. It's fine - go with it! I agree with the first poster, in that a groupset upgrade would outweigh the cost of the bike. Stick with it and just tweak a few bits n bobs, as and when required(tyres,etc) If I assume that you intend to join the world of 'roadies' then in 18 months or so upgrade your bike and you will notice a big difference and improved performance. Best of luck. .
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
Q:2000 Chevy S10?
Well abs is air brake system. When you brake with abs, your brakes grab and then slip off then grab.until you stop. When the abs light is on, that means thatyour abs is disengaged meaning that you only have normal brakes. I had a 94 grand prix that the abs light would come on and off like that. One day a car pulled out in front of me when i was about 7 feet away from it. I slammed on the brakes, and being that they were abs brakes, the brakes grabbed and locked and never let off in that sort distance of 7 feet. My brakes were effectively LOCKED in that few seconds and i had no control at all and plowed into the other car. My son is a mechanic, trust me your abs light being on just means that you are operating on regular brakes which are better than abs anyway. The reason your brake pedal feels weird when that light is on is telling you your abs is screwing up.
Q:what function does this component play ?
ARGH. You have a UPS with a damaged primary (i.e. direct from the power line) circuit. Removing just one obviously-damaged component is not sufficient to guarantee that it's safe to operate. Your UPS could catch fire, start your house on fire, and thereby kill you while you sleep. You should immediately unplug your UPS and have it serviced by a qualified technician. Or, replace it.
Q:what components is used to turn on a car?
Basically everything under the hood is necessary to start the car. Air filter, oil, battery, ignitions, ECU, fuel, fuel injector, pistons, valves, crank case, crank shaft, spark plug, wires, etc. You would have to ask more specific question and describe your problem more specifically. Good Luck.

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