CDC3 Series AC Contactor

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Applicable Range

CDC3-9~110 AC contactor is designed for long-distance making and breaking in circuit, with AC50Hz (or 60Hz), rated operating voltage up to 660V. When rated operating voltage is 380V in Category AC-3,rated operating current to the power system is up to 110V .It also can be formed with thermal overload relay or electrical protection apparatus and form electromagnetic starter to protect circuit against overload.

Applicable Standards

National Standards: GB14048. 4
National Standards: IEC 60947-4-1

Normal working and installation conditions
Normal working and installation conditions

1. Altitude: no more than 2000m.
2. Ambient temperature: within -5℃~+40℃,and the average temperature no more than +35℃ in 24 hours.
3. Relative humidity no more than 50% at max. +40℃, and it may be higher at a lower temperature . The lowest average temperature no more than +25℃ in the wettest month . The maximum average relative humidity of this month doesn't exceed 90%, The change of temperature leading to dew on the surface of product must be considered.
4. Class of pollution: Class 3.
5. Vertical or horizontal installation is allowed. The inclined angle between the mounting surface and vertical surface no more than ±30°under vertical installation.
6. Installation condition: class III.

Structure features

1. It is compact and beautiful.
2. Good performance of arc extinction without flashover, CDC3-9~16 adopts automatic arc-extinguishing, but CDC3-26~110 have a “U” type arc-extinguishing slice located on the body and form enclosed arc-extinguishing chamber.
3. Perfect conductivity: contact is made of the silver base alloy materials with resistance to fusion welding and electrical friction.
4. Convenient connection for coil have two types, namely, front and front &back outlets
5. High safety: conductive parts are not exposed to the air.
6. Installation condition is class III, screw and guide rail installations.
7. More options for accessories.

Outline and Installation Dimensions

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