Residual Current Circuit Breaker L11,12,13 Series

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Construction and Feature
◆Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current,short-circuit and overload
◆High short-circuit capacity
◆Provides complementary protection against direct contact by human body.
◆Effectively protects electric equipmet against insulating failure
◆Contact position indication
◆Provides protection against over-voltage
◆Provides comprehensive protection to household and commercial distribution systems
Technical Data
◆Type:Electro-magnetic type
◆Residual current characteristics:AC
◆Pole NO.:1P+N
◆Tripping curve:B,C
◆Rated short-circuit capacity:10kA
◆Rated current(A):6,10,16,20,25,32
◆Rated voltage:230/240V AC
◆Rated frequency:50/60Hz
◆Rated residual operating current(mA):0.03,0.1
◆Tripping duration:instantaneous ≤0.1s
◆Electro-mechanical endurance:4000 cycles
◆Connection terminal:pillar terminal with clamp

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Q:Circuit breaker auxiliary contact is what?
and the need to pay attention to the place. Frame breaker has high capacity and function - engineer 1
Q:What is the common circuit switch called switch
Circuit breaker with long delay, short delay, instantaneous and ground fault four protection, each protection set value according to its frame level within a certain range of adjustment.
Q:Circuit breaker generally choose what ah?
In the case of low voltage leakage protection grid installation, under normal circumstances, the grid line to ground leakage current (for three-phase power grid unbalanced leakage
Q:Selection of Circuit Breakers in Low Voltage Circuits
that is, after the trip can be reset. They can also be used as power-on / off switches for protected equipment.
Q:What is the choice of low voltage electrical circuit breaker?
If a thermal circuit breaker is installed in an environment separate from the protected equipment, the effect of the changing ambient temperature can be corrected by a compensating hot bimetallic sheet.
Q:Is there a circuit breaker in the circuit
Such as the circuit breaker at work, when a failure occurs, it is the power of all disconnected.
Q:How is the total switch breaker in the distribution box correctly
less than the leakage protection device operating current value, so leakage protection does not work. When a fault occurs
Q:How to choose a circuit breaker for home and small office circuits
The test button should be tested once a month to check the function of the leakage connector.
Q:Why the first break circuit breaker, after the isolation switch off it?
Because the circuit breaker has an arc extinguishing mechanism, you can disconnect the live circuit, and the isolation switch does not have the arc extinguishing mechanism
Q:What is the difference between a circuit breaker and other switches?
In practical applications, more than 800A loop or segmentation capability requires particularly high circuit or the need for more features of the circuit should be used frame circuit breaker,

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