Residual Current Circit NDM2L Series MCCB with Residual Current Protection 16A-400A

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Rated residual operating current I△n: 100mA/300mA/500mA/1000mA (adjustable/non-adjustable)

Operating time: ≤0.2s (non-delay type); 0.5s/1.15s/2.15s (delay type)

N-pole type of 4-pole MCCB:

    A: N-pole is always close without overload release

    B: N-pole is open or close together with other three poles and without overload release

    C: N-pole is open or close together with other three poles and with overload release



· Small size, high breaking capacity, short arc, shake-resisting, and so on.

· Suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.

· With isolating function.

· Residual current of the protecting modular is from 3 phases, making it possible to work normally in case of default of any phase.

· Adjustable on the site: With three grades of residual current and three grades of delay time. User can adjust them according to the requirements on the site.

· Indication of working status: Normal-Green lamp; Fault-Red lamp; Alarm-Yellow lamp (≥25%I△n).

· Good performance under voltage faults: Be able to perform residual current protection when phase voltage drops to 50V.

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ODM&OEM are warmly welcomed !!!



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a)We can accept payment terms of T/T, Western Union, PayPal


Samples and trial order accept PayPal ,T/T & Western Union. normal order accept T/T &Western Union 


b) 30% ADVANCE DEPOSIT after buyer's confirmed payment, the balance should be paid before shipping when goods are ready.


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Q:The difference between the leakage switch of the air switch circuit breaker
Circuit breaker It is a switch function, but also to automatically protect the low-voltage distribution of electrical appliances. Its role is equivalent to the knife switch. Fuse. Thermal relay and other electrical components of the combination
Q:How is the circuit breaker connected to the circuit system diagram?
Disconnector: similar to the knife switch, no to prevent overcurrent, short circuit function, no arc device; can not disconnect the load current and short circuit current
Q:What are the differences between switches and circuit breakers?
Generally in the power supply system, the isolation in the upper part of the circuit breaker, so the order of operation: closing
Q:What is the choice of low voltage electrical circuit breaker?
For example, a circuit breaker located outside the cockpit is temperature compensated so that its trip characteristics do not change with the temperature fluctuations common in flight.
Q:Is this an air switch or a leak protector?
The second with overload protection. Short circuit protection and leakage protection of the RCD. Also known as leakage circuit breaker.
Q:How to switch from the circuit breaker switch button, the difference is short circuit protection or overload protection?
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker. Leakage protector leakage protection is the effect of two different products is different. In any case, I seriously bored at home to reply to your question, hope to help you!
Q:Leakage circuit breaker old jump how to do
Leakage protection The main role is to solve the leakage problem: how much current out of the phase line, the neutral line will come back how much current
Q:How to protect the leakage protector leakage protection?
can be divided into high sensitivity. Sensitivity and low sensitivity. Its working principle is my + I = nine = 0
Q:Isolation switch, circuit breaker, open the three What is the difference between ah
Isolated switch is a high voltage switchgear mainly used in high voltage circuit
Q:he circuit breaker in the circuit mainly plays a protective element what protects the two functions of the element
he circuit breaker is composed of a thermal element and a current coil, and when the circuit current exceeds the rated value

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