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Q:battery terminals connector question?
if the ends on the cables gets too bad then you need to replace them. if the cables are long enough cut the ends off and use replacement ends.
Q:can you run three 12v fans off one 3 pin connector?
The motherboard has no capability of detecting whether the fan is on or not. Now, that being said you can rule off the fan problem. I believe the reason your computer shutdown could be because of one or more of the following: a) If this is your first time running a game the CPU could have overheated and in most cases caused the computer to shutdown. In some cases (very rearly) the CPU could have been destroyed but I highly doubt this. b) The computer shut down you say? Maybe it was a cable from the back of the machine that had caused this. A No signal detected is a common error for this type of scenario. c) Electrical failure - This can be caused by one various computer compoments and caused the computer to shutdown or possibly malfunction. Since you have new pieces I suggest trying in a dummy CPU to see if it works. You can go to a computer store and ask to try a CPU before you buy it to see if it resolves the issue. I hope I helped ~
Q:Sli Bridge connector?
The SLI bridge connector comes with the motherboard, not the graphics card. It's the motherboard that determines the spacing of the PCI-Express (x16/x8) slots. (They could be one slot apart, two slots apart, three slots apart, etc.) That said, a flexible SLI bridge that uses a ribbon cable between the connectors should work for you. The first few SLI bridge connectors I got had two connectors soldered to either end of a printed circuit board .
Q:How to crimp using insulated butt connectors?
Push the wires in from each end and Crimp both ends
Q:Does anyone know the typical attenuation of a RF SMA Connector?
Ain't much (negligible), which is why it's probably never spec'd, but the question and any answer is meaningless until we've got a frequency nailed down. The cable will represent the largest portion of any attenuation, and will swamp anything the connectors would contribute. The typical coax for SMA (RG-174, RG-188, RG-196 or RG-316) runs on the order of 60~80db/100' loss. Even the semi-rigid cables have a lot of loss in the microwave freqs. Decent SMA connectors are good to around 12.4GHz with flex cable, and 18GHz with semi-rigid cable. Some very special (and a bit expensive) ones are available for use up to the 26.5~27GHz !
Q:Where do i put a Crossfire Bridge Connector?
The connector is used for when you have multiple graphics cards since you have one,don't worry about it.
Q:iPod Nano vs iPhone dock connector?
It should work Well at least it should or supposed to play music but it won't charge iPods iPads and iPhones use different connector pins
Q:Are speaker power connectors standard?
You can buy a standard OEM to OEM connector from AutoZone or some other parts store, and they run directly into your factory speaker wire (the one that plugs into one another) or what you could also do is cut off the factory connectors and splice them back and tie them off to your new speaker wires from you new speaker, but if you do that make sure you put the pos to the pos and neg. to the neg, and also keep the wires from being bare use electrical tape, wire twisters, or some other sort of connection device, bare wires are not a good thing at all
Q:TV Connector to record Video?
do not attempt to output from the television to the computing gadget, because the television is basically a reveal gadget. i imagine what you truly opt for to do is to hookup your cable container on your computing gadget because the cable container is the source.
Q:Is a "DVi to Vga connector" to do with Monitor to Card or Card to monitor ?
Alright, here's how monitor connections work: 1. Cable from monitor connects to your VGA(Video Card or VGA port on your motherboard) 2. Monitor gets picture from the VGA You only use ONE plug from your monitor to tower, never two, unless you're using two monitors. In your case, plug the DVI cable into the DVI port of your monitor and tower. You may not have a DVI port on your monitor, make sure you have one. If you don't, that have adapters for DVI(the gray port with square holes)TO Serial(the blue port) connections. But instead of getting an adapter, I would just buy a monitor with a DVI port on it.

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