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Materials:UL approved Nylon PA66(Flammability UL 94V-2)for A.C.F parts,(Accept to make flammability UL 94v-0);

Working temperature ;-40 to 125 ,140 can bereached but kept only for a short time

Style:Close and split

Colour:Black,other color available upon request.

Property:Good flexibility, twist resistance and good bending performance ,able to bear heavy loads; acid resistant, lubricant resistant and coolant resistant;luster on surface and abrasion resistant.

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Q:Front panel connectors from case to motherboard.?
I can only wish you luck. You have encountered the hardest boss of setting up computers. Anyways, try matching up the pins in the manual to what the cables say they are. And be careful not to break them, they break too easily.
Q:Nintendo WI-FI USB connector question !!!!!!!!!?
its me again. and yes you and ur sister can play using the same usb connector me and my friend do it all the time he plays diamond while i play mario kart. and if you and ur sister end up in the same game room it is just a big coincidence. so yes u can play others around the world while ur sister maybe playing the same game can play others at the same time on the same usb connector just make sure that the both of u register ur ds with the usb. o and it can only be used for the ds :(
Q:Refrigerator - defrost thermostat power connectors?
Chuck it, that is pretty disgusting. How did they get in there? Flies had to lay eggs for there to be maggots. Did you leave the doors open while the power was out?
Q:Does anyone know the typical attenuation of a RF SMA Connector?
Ain't much (negligible), which is why it's probably never spec'd, but the question and any answer is meaningless until we've got a frequency nailed down. The cable will represent the largest portion of any attenuation, and will swamp anything the connectors would contribute. The typical coax for SMA (RG-174, RG-188, RG-196 or RG-316) runs on the order of 60~80db/100' loss. Even the semi-rigid cables have a lot of loss in the microwave freqs. Decent SMA connectors are good to around 12.4GHz with flex cable, and 18GHz with semi-rigid cable. Some very special (and a bit expensive) ones are available for use up to the 26.5~27GHz !
Q:What is this record layer connector plug called? (pic inside)?
I don't know what kind of connector that is or if it's just some kind of terminal strip cables used to be connected to I can tell you the color codes of the wires coming out of the tonearm Red right channel hot green right channel ground white left channel hot blue left channel ground I would just buy a terminal strip to mount inside the table, cut one end off a stereo interconnect cable and use that method to connect the tonearm wires to a stereo interconnect (rca cable). Run the RCA cable into the table through an opening in the case and secure the cable with a clamp to keep stress off the connections. In the interconnect cable, the center wires are hot (center pins of the RCA plugs) and the outer wires are the grounds (outer sleeve of the RCA plugs). Good luck! EDIT: Really, I don't see any reason you couldn't use that existing thing as your terminal strip. Just solder your RCA cables to the same terminals the appropriate tonearm wires are connected to. You would just need to find some way to secure your RCA cable and keep any stress off the connections.
Q:PC not connecting to hard drive with connector?
You have to test your disk drive by connecting it directly sata interface. After check the en-closer read en-closer note. Plug the hard drive in to it carefully. connect to usb cable remove other usb devices plugged that hub or connector beside. check the power bulb on. it will not detected if bios not supported to usb hdd therefore pls open the O/S and Go to device manager in hardware refresh check detecting hard disk as a flash drive go to disk management in manage (right click on the my computer Icon and go to Manage) check shown disks (Showing as removable devices)
Q:No wireless connector in the back on desktop computer.?
Your probably going to have to install a Wireless NIC for that computer. Not all computer come with wireless connectors.
Q:Can anyone give me examples of the 6 major categories of connectors?
DIN - PS2, old keyboard connector DB - RS-232, printer (parallel), game connector RJ - phone jack (handset, line, 6 pin), Ethernet Audio? Almost anything. Canon, PL, mini-PL, RCA, banana plug, pin plug, DIN, RJ-12 and RJ-14 are used for audio
Q:Aquacraft Rio EP connector conversion?
If you look up on the forums there are how tos on wiring,soldering,parallel etc.Hobbyking,Hobbytron others have forums also for lipo,lfe,deans,bullet connectors wiring and alot more.I found my batteries and connectors along with people who have wired parallel and high amp discharge batteries on hobbyking forums,and prices are awesome.Good Luck!
Q:how much is the cheapest bestest nintendo wifi usb connector?
the price and all the same actually you can buy one at best buy, futurshop and its about 30-40$ and its called Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

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