Powerful Watertight Corrugated Tubing Fittings

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Thread:Metric,PG,G(PF) and NPT thread

Materials:UL approved Nylon PA66  PA66(Flammability UL 94v-2)for A.C.F parts,Weather-resistant EPDM rubber for B.D parts.(Accept to make super rubber:resist high temperature rubber,resist strong acid/alkali,etc).

Working temperature:-40 to 100

Features:The Powerful Watertingt Fittings build the best tightening power by a very hign and active compression force to resist the ingress of high pressure water jet from any angle which can provide 100% dynamic waterproof and airtight performance ovet the widest range or corrugated tubings.

The prodrct can widely apploed to resist water impact or immersion as a tough cable protection system for any machines,devices and equipments with the very specific demands.

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if okorder
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