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Materials:UL approved Nylon PA66(Flammability UL94V-2)for A.C.F parts,(Accept to make flammability UL94V-0);EPDM rubbet for B.D parts,(Also accept to make srpet rrbbet: resist high tempetature rubber, resist string acid/alkali,etc).

Protection degree:IP68

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Q:were is the Power Button Connector on Motherboard?
There is no SPECIFIC connector that connects the motherboard to the power button. There is a big cable (usually many colored wires together) that has all the buttons in one. (power, reset, LED's) Look at your motherboards manual.
Q:My Front Panel Connector isn't working. The computer turns on with reset button.
It sounds like you have the front panel connectors hooked up to the wrong pins on the motherboard. Double check the pinout in the motherboard manual. Or maybe the manual is incorrect. Check to be sure which pin is pin #1. Maybe you're counting from the wrong end of the pin block. The pin block is typically two rows of 6 or more pins each. The connectors usually don't go across the two rows. They're usually within one row or the other.
Q:can i buy any wifi usb connector for the nintendo wii?
The Wii has WiFi capability built in, there is no WiFi USB connector for the Wii for this reason. You can buy various wired network adapters though.
Q:Main Connector 20+4 on PSU work on a 20pin slot on MB?
Yes this will work fine. I did the same thing recently my mobo has a 20 pin connection I just let the 4 pin hang over. No problems so far. Good Luck
Q:Figuring out what some kind of orange connector thing is?
It is probably a phone or internet cable. Looked it up, oh and what country do you live in? That could help getting a more accurate answer.
Q:TV Connector to record Video?
An RCA jack usually connects to the TV monitor so if you want to record what's coming from your XBox just pass it through a Video Cassette Recorder or Camera (put the camera in VCR mode) then you can record your XBox video to the tape directly other kinds of connectors: RCA - usually comes in 3 jacks the yellow's for the video - the white for the audio's left channel and the red for the audio's right channel S-Video - it also comes in 3 jacks the video is clearer with an s-video cable as compared to RCA DV-connector (firewire)- this is best because it is digital.
Q:New Power supply: P4 connector, boot issue?
Three possibilities come to mind. 1. It sounds like it could be a cabling issue. Either something's not plugged in that should be, or something is plugged in that shouldn't be. Don't know that motherboard or what types those power supplies are so I don't know what should or shouldn't be plugged in. I do know that my Intel board had two different ways it could be setup depending on whether you were using a PSU with a 24-pin motherboard connector or a 20-pin connector. 2. Something came loose while removing the old PSU. Check to make sure that everything from the video card to the CPU is properly connected/seated. 3. Worst case scenerio, when you removed the old PSU something happened to damage the system. (For example, did you unplug the computer from the wall and wait a minute before starting to unplug stuff? Did you use a grounding strap? Did you get a static electric shock at any time while working on the system?) Maybe, just maybe, the CPU's fried? If you can't fix it yourself, I'd recommend taking it in to a computer repair shop and have them examine it. Edit: Or try the above response 'cause he sounds like he knows a lot more about it then me.
Q:Cable connector broke on back of TV. Is there any other way to hook up cable without it?
while reading a book, you're stimulating the human brain. You transform your reading and literacy skills and you in the process, become more literate. Even with today's modern technology, you should be able to read still. While you're watching t.v. can be good fun, it isn't doing anything to your brain.
Q:Where to crimp when using insulated butt connectors?
You will need to make two crimps per connector. The stripped wires will not connect at the middle of the butt connector because it is not hollow all the way through. Just make sure you have a high quality crimping tool so the connection will be tight. The crimps should below the ends of the connector about midway to the center.
Q:How to use connector with RG6 cable?
There are actually a range of diameter sizes for coax cable. As was said - you may be using RG59 connectors. Try to find a 'real' electronics store and take a cut piece of coax in with you so you can find the right connector. Companies like Belden have a connector-cross reference to help you get the right connectors. Also - Radio Shack sells a nice $5 T handle which you screw the connector onto so you can push the connector into the coax with a lot more force/ease.

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