10G Modular Jack Connector -> 10GModular Jack Connector RJ45

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 10G Modular Jack Connector -> 10GModular Jack Connector RJ45

10G Modular Jack Connector RJ45:JFM58010-B04G-4F

JFM Series
RJ45 1X1
R/A,T/D,T/H Type
1.02mm [.040¡¨] Pitch,
10/10000 Base-T

Number of Positions :
PCB Mount Style :
Conductor Material :
Contact Materials :
Plating :
Housing Material :
Color :black 
Termination Type :dip 
Contact Type :t/h 
Product Name :modular jack connector rj45 
Available Status :active 
RoHS Status :rohs compliance 
Business Unit :eci 
Lead-Time ( Week ) :10 
MOQ ( pc ) :

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Q:What is the output to input Ampo ratio of rotating connectors?
Ampo ratio?? wtf? In a series circuit, which this would be, no amps are lost because that is not how it works. A rotating connector has to have some contact resistance (as all connectors will have) but it is going to depend upon the plating and a host of other factors and besides, I don't know the specs on any rotating connector.
Q:2011 Macbook Pro HDMI connector?
BlazeVideo HDTV participant is an entire-featured digital Analog television utility answer which you will observe, checklist, pause, replay stay television/teletext software or hear to digital FM radio on your workstation. helps DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DMB-TH, CMMB, ISDB-T, ATSC worldwide digital television standards and chum, NTSC, SECAM Analog television standards, BlazeVideo HDTV participant helps maximum conventional television enjoying cards / television Tuners / USB television Dongles with Mircosoft BDA rigidity on marketplace. BlazeVideo HDTV participant additionally acts as your multi-media center, with greater advantageous video and audio high quality, and helps DVD, VCD, SVCD, and maximum conventional media archives playback.
Q:Help me identify motherboard sockets and connectors.?
1-3 SATA 4 custom connector 5,8,9 PCI slots 6 PCI-E x4 slot 7 PCI-E x1 slot
Q:Is there any pci cooling card/fan that does not need extra power connectors?
I've never seen one. If you're out of fan connectors, then you can use a fan with a molex connector. If you're out of of molex connectors, get a molex splitter. You just won't be able to monitor the fan speed unless you get a fan controller.
Q:How many fan connectors does the MSI K9N Diamond Motherboard have?
it is not a count of understanding each and every thing. it extremely is a count of due diligence. alongside with going to MSI's website, searching for the motherboard and gazing the supported CPU record. each and every thing motherboard maker has the supported CPU record for each board.
Q:What does this square 4 pin connector on an ATX power supply do?
The connector you are talking about is the 2x2 12 V processor core voltage connector. Here is what it says in one of my motherboard's manual: CAUTION Failure to use an ATX12V power supply, or not connecting the 12 V (2x2) processor core voltage power supply connector to the desktop board may result in damage to the desktop board and/or power supply.
Q:Distributor wire spade connector broke off?
Get a new crimp on connector. You can get them at the auto parts store, Radio Shack, or even Wal-Mart. Be sure to buy a cheap pair of crimping pliers too.
Q:power connector under front bumper?
if you mean a house electrical cord, that would be the engine heater for winter.
Q:30 pin connector from apple won't fit Samsung galaxy tab?
Samsung 30 Pin
Q:My USB Wireless connector doers not work. Please help??
First reinstall whatever software you may need with it. Then try the adaptor in a different USB connector. If it does not come up then try wiggling the adaptor in the USB socket, I have a USB drive that required me to do this before it is seen by my PC. At that point you may get some feed back or not, if the computer still does not see the adaptor I would say it is a hardware issue with the device; return it and get a new one.

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