10G Modular Jack Connector -> 10GModular Jack Connector RJ45

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Product Description:

 10G Modular Jack Connector -> 10GModular Jack Connector RJ45

10G Modular Jack Connector RJ45:JFM58010-B04G-4F

JFM Series
RJ45 1X1
R/A,T/D,T/H Type
1.02mm [.040¡¨] Pitch,
10/10000 Base-T

Number of Positions :
PCB Mount Style :
Conductor Material :
Contact Materials :
Plating :
Housing Material :
Color :black 
Termination Type :dip 
Contact Type :t/h 
Product Name :modular jack connector rj45 
Available Status :active 
RoHS Status :rohs compliance 
Business Unit :eci 
Lead-Time ( Week ) :10 
MOQ ( pc ) :

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Q:Where to find zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors?
once you're having all this hardship then it is not a ZIF connector ZIF stands for 0 Insertion tension . what have been you doing pulling connectors off the board interior the 1st place?
Q:Which PCI-E 6 Pins Power Connector Should I use ? Help Please!!?
It is always best to use the the one on the power supply. It is more reliable because it connects directly to the card. The connectors bundled with the card are more for contingency on older power supplies that may have none or just one PCIe power connector. That connector tends to be less reliable because there is another connector on the line to the two 4-pin molex connectors.
Q:Where can I buy good RCA connector terminals?
Ram okorder
Q:new power supply p4-mb connector NEEDED??? HELP?
Check your connectors CAREFULLY. There is probably a 8-pin connector that breaks apart (it just slides apart) to make (2) 4-pin connectors. It would be unusual to see a power supply that has an 8-pin connector but no 4-pin connector. The usual configuration is a 4+4 connector that you can slide apart if you need to.
Q:front panel connectors don't match?
Since you don't include the main board number or any details on the case its impossible to answer you. You also don't list how many pins there are on the motherboard or the configuration.
Q:My Wii can't connect to my Wi-fi usb connector. Any advice?
Q:Will my motherboard have enough fan connectors?
There is nothing to be done by ur motherboard. It depends on the type of PSU you have as Case fans are powered by the PSU. Motherboard only allows the processor fan to run. So, get a good PSU with that much 4-Pin FAN connectors.
Q:Last cpu fan connector not clicking in, what should i do?
Is the motherboard connector bent? Have you tried seeing if the connector attached to the fan has something jammed in it? Have you tried getting the side that doesn't connect to connect first and then get the others to connect? If nothing else seems to work, I would return the CPU, and see if a new ones works. If it does the same thing, return the mobo and get a new one to see if it works.
Q:What digital connector works with the Panasonic plasma TVs?
SPDIF is a file format, not the name of the connector. The connectors are coaxial(RCA style)) or optical(fiber optic) both digital connections use the SPDIF format to transfer the digital audio stream. Most soundbars and receivers lately are coming with optical inputs, some with both. The Panasonic plasmas have 1 optical output. Find a soundbar(should be easy) with optical inputs. If you have cable or satellite, use the optical output from that box instead of the TV because it will be a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. TVs only output Dolby Digital 2.0 which is stereo only. Either way, you want to buy an optical audio cable. Hope that helps.
Q:PC wont start unless I force the 24 pin connector down?
One of the wires may be loose from the connector. At the end of the wire is a metal cylinder connector with a barb on the outside of it. The metal cylinder is inserted into the proper position in the connector, and the barb on the cylinder keeps it from backing out of the connector. Sometimes a wire will get pulled or maybe wasn't fully inserted in the first place and it will come out of the connector. It's probably one of these wires is not pressed all the way in. This happens a lot with the 4 pin molex connectors. Gently pull on each of the wires going into the connector and see if one of them easily pulls out of the socket. If so, push it back in until it's fully inserted and won't back out.

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