Accessory -> Wire-Headset In Ear Type Headset: 5CAI3442W-E01-RH

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Frequency response:  30 - 24.000 Hz
Impedance:  16 Ohm
SPL@1kHz, 1V rms:  90 dB
Cable length:  1.0 m + 1.8 m = 2.8 m / 9 ft.
Jack:  3.5 mm


Frequency response:  80 - 15.000 Hz
Impedance:  2K Ohm
Pick-up pattern:  Uni-directional
Sensitivity (1V/P@1 kHz):  -38 dB

Intended Use:

 "The headset is specifically designed for a multitude of uses including MP3-players, laptops, the Sony PSP and other consoles (sound isolation allows for low volume settings) as well as IP-telephony (separate microphone)."


The images below show the packaging that the Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headset arrived in.  The front provides a glimpse at the headphones and microphone, as well as one spare set of "ear sleeves".  You don't get a good idea of all that is provided, but you do see the most important pieces.  The back lists a variety of information, specifications, and provides a detailed list of what is included.  You get the headphones, microphone on a separate lead, an extension cable that connects the two, a small carrying pouch, and two spare sets of ear sleeves.

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Q:I bought a used iPod, and it wasn't sketchy - it was from Target - but it didn't come with that universal dock connector that they all come from that allows you to connect it to accessories, and I'm having trouble figuring out where I can find one. Any suggestions? I've tried the Apple website, and I've tried searching OKorder and google Froogle and all that.
maybe you can go back you the apple store and tell them your ipod didn't come with one. you've got a warranty, i'm pretty sure they'll give you one. don't worry you're not the only one missin stuff in the box. my boyfriend didn't get a warranty in it, y'know the paper that says it.
Q:I have a 95 Chevy Lumina with a headlight out. I don't think it's the bulb since the filament appears to be in place. I bought a headlight connector replacement from AutoZone and am now wondering how to do the installation. Do I need to solder the wires once I splice them? Also, will it be obvious where I need to cut the old wires off?
First, before looking at the bulb, check the fuse. They may blow at times. If you find it blown, DON'T just replace it - find the reason first, remove the cause (usually a short of some kind) and then replace. If the fuse checks ok, check the bulb. Filaments at times do appear in place even when they are not. Do the ohmmeter check or, if you don't have the instrument, install temporarily the bulb from the other side, observing bulb-handling rules (or you might end up with another blown bulb). If the bulb proves ok beyond any doubt, check the voltage in the connector terminals - there may be a broken lead (you'll need a voltmeter or a test bulb). If that tests ok (voltage ok with lights switched on), it's not the connector - it's something else. The only remaining reason may be the ground connection, a common problem in many older cars. To check that, install a temporary ground lead from the battery neg. terminal directly to the connector (try not to short the circuit).
Q:I recently ordered a new radio for my car and I am going to have to crimp the wires from the new radio with those from my custom wiring harness. I am a little confused with how crimping works. I will be using insulated butt connects. When the two wires are pushed into the butt connector from the opposite sides do I crimp in the middle where the wires are touching? Or do I crimp both ends of the butt connector? I'm just wondering if the wires will be completely connected if I just crimp the ends of the butt connector. Please help!
go buy a crimping tool first. it will do a much better job. and yes, crimp at both ends. look inside the connector and you will see the metal in relation to the plastic. you want to crimp the metal about half way from the center.
Q:I have a 1997 Toyota Previa. I failed a smog check and the mechanic gave this reason: timing connector doesn't ground for ignition timing to be checked. He said the Check Engine Light is supposed to come on when the connector is grounded, but it doesn't.Where/what is this timing connector, and does this have anything to do with the OBD-II connector under the driver's seat?
if your van failed smog check then you need to do a tune up spark plug,spark plug wires etc. Change O2 sensor and cat converter
Q:Anyone know why some power suppy units that use SATA as the connection type have sometimes 2-4 connectors?
so you can add more sata drives sata cdroms also require a sata power connector
Q:Because I'm planning to buy a High-end GPU and of course we should put extra power coming from the PSU. Anyways. Last time I check inside my Computer, the PSU has one remaining connector slot. It looks like a small long rectangular shape and has like holes or spikes maybe 4 to 6. Is that the connector from the GPU? Please help! I'm not much of a pro to disconnect all the cables from the PSU and put them back together. I can only put a GPU and a processor.
Not okorder
Q:I will be replacing my car stereo and speakers soon. I want to replace the speaker wire too, but I am unsure if one gauge us better than another or which to use at all. Also, I prefer not to use electrical tape, and from the bit of useful info I have found online it seems I should use butt connectors and a crimping tool. But is the crimping tool necessary? I don't want to spend money on it if I don't have to and I can't find a complete enough description that says I definitely need it or that I don't. Would a makeshift 'tool' that applies pressure unevenly suffice?And if speaker gauge needs are dependent on the music played in any way, I don't plan on playing it too loud and the speakers I'm looking at support up to 140w 260w.Any and all thoughts on the subject are welcome.
Car Speaker Wire Connectors
Q:computer connector to blazer
If you are talking about the diagnostic link connector. most parts stores carry scan tools for your vehicle. If you are looking to read the codes, then the scan tool that most GM shops use is called a TECH2 and is used to communicate with the various modules in the vehicle. The one that you can get at a parts store can do most of the same things depending on the cost and model. When a tech connects a laptop, they do it through the TECH2 interface and the software is proprietary(GM only) used for reprogramming modules and diagnostics. Hope this helps.
Q:Can sombody find out if my PC has it or not. cause i don't know how to. PleaseMy PC name is SR1900NXMotherboard name is P5RC-LEThank you for your help!!!!!
Most of the better graphics cards require more power than what is supplied thru the pci-express slot on the motherboard, so to provide the card with additional power a 12V, 6 pin pci-e power connector that comes directly from the power supply is used. Some cards need one of these and some need two, depends on how much power the card needs.
Q:i have a 97 srad and there is a wire connector under the fairing on the left side of the bike by the seat. it has three black wire on each side the connector melted. why would this happen? would it be ok to splice the wires together?
probably the wire was rubbing untill the insulation was gone and exposed the wire causing a short, you can cut and splice but do it with male female connectors so you can dis connect if you need to.

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