Accessory -> Wire-Headset In Ear Type Headset: 5CAI3442W-E01-RH

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Frequency response:  30 - 24.000 Hz
Impedance:  16 Ohm
SPL@1kHz, 1V rms:  90 dB
Cable length:  1.0 m + 1.8 m = 2.8 m / 9 ft.
Jack:  3.5 mm


Frequency response:  80 - 15.000 Hz
Impedance:  2K Ohm
Pick-up pattern:  Uni-directional
Sensitivity (1V/P@1 kHz):  -38 dB

Intended Use:

 "The headset is specifically designed for a multitude of uses including MP3-players, laptops, the Sony PSP and other consoles (sound isolation allows for low volume settings) as well as IP-telephony (separate microphone)."


The images below show the packaging that the Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headset arrived in.  The front provides a glimpse at the headphones and microphone, as well as one spare set of "ear sleeves".  You don't get a good idea of all that is provided, but you do see the most important pieces.  The back lists a variety of information, specifications, and provides a detailed list of what is included.  You get the headphones, microphone on a separate lead, an extension cable that connects the two, a small carrying pouch, and two spare sets of ear sleeves.

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