Male and Female Connector MC4 Waterproof Doubke

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Male and Female Connector MC4 Waterproof 



1 Cable Standard:2.5/4.0/6.0mm2(14/12/10AWG)

2 TUV Approval   



*Photovoltaic cable coupler.
*Due to highly robustness,UV-Resistance,the touch protection a high grade connection is guaranteed for 25 years.
* DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06,UL1703 standard.

MC4 Connector

This type of connector system


is easy to install and uses “snap-in” safety locking tabs to lock two mating connectors, thereby avoiding


unintentional disconnection. Also when locked, the mating contacts are sealed against ingress of dust and


water. Specifi cations are as follows:

1) DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06,UL1703 standard.


2) highly robustness,UV-Resistance.


3) Connector adopts touch and insertion of reed with inner-knob type.


4) Auto-lock equipment of male and female points enable connection more easy and reliable.


5) Popular figure suit most of field installation.


6) Simple on-site processing.


7) Accommodates PV cable with deferent insulation diameters.


8) High current carrying capacity.

Rate voltage:


Rated current:

25A(2.5mm2) , 30A(4mm2,6mm2)

Test voltage:


Protect degree:


Insulation material:


Contact material:

Silver plated copper

Operating temperature:


Safe class:


Flame class:


Contact resistance of plug connectors:


Insertion force:


Withdraw force:≥50N

Suitable cable:


Locking system:Snap in


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Q:How much is the nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector?
those are discontinued but u can get one off of amazon for $20
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Ussually after market stereos can not hook up to the already existing plug in your car, so you have to buy a plug that goes from the factory plug to your new stereo. Pretty much for me it was that the factory one had 10 wires, and my new one had 8 because it is different and the new one didnt have CD player.
Q:How do I ground a spade connector in my car?
here let me make it simple for you cut off the spade connector and hook the ground wire directly up to a screw in your car by connecting to a metal part of the car . you really don't need any connector hook it up bare. spook
Q:How do you install an RJ11 connector?
When you purchase a connector, the terminal will be color-coded. Connect the wires to the same colors on the terminal (red and green are teh two important ones for a primary line). The frist two should be all you need, but it doesn't hurt to connect others. There are jacks that are faceplates tht are flush with the wall, but there are also 'boxes' that generally sit along the baseboards. If you use one of these and coerce the extra thicker wire back into the wall (there should be plenty of space), you can leave it looking nice and clean.
Q:Difference of 6-pin connector to 2x 4-pin connector from 6-pin connector to 1x 4-pin connector? PC Cable?
In theory the 6 pin connector will give more stable current, but in practice it rarely makes a difference.
Q:HUGE problem with my computer(battery connector)!!!!?
I see this all the time. It sounds like someone may have tripped over the cord and yanked on the power cord so hard that it has broken the connector that is attached to the motherboard. The cord plugs into the connector on the back or side of the laptop. That connector is soldered to the motherboard. When you break this it must either be soldered back on or replaced. A lot of times the motherboard must be replaced. If that is the case then you may as well buy a new laptop. It is more expensive to buy a new motherboard and have it replaced than it it to buy a new laptop. There are a few places that will attempt the repair. Look around on the Internet. If it is an HP then look for an HP repair centeretc. Sorry about the bad news. Apple did something ingenious with their laptops. The have started making the power adapter so that it magnetically attaches to the laptop. Power is induced into the laptop using electro-magnetic induction. If you trip on the cord it just pops offno harm done. Very smart.
Q:The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector question?
You plug the connector in your PC and follow the install instructions. When you start a DS WiFi game, you have to tell the game, that you want to connect to the WiFi Connector and you're done.
Q:What is the name if these automotive connectors?
they look like slide on connectors without the plastic covering, i don't think they need to be crimped it looks like the wire should be soldered in
Q:Motherboard - IDE Connectors?
I recently bought an ASUS motherboard that does have 1 IDE connector, but like the others have said, you can buy a conversion cable for SATA-to-IDE if you need more connections. LGA775 seems to be the norm right now for CPU's, including dual-core's(probably quad-cores too, but I don't use one, so I'm not sure), and most motherboards now have AT LEAST 1 PCI-E x16 slot, if not more, connections.
Q:My dog keeps loosing his name tag- need stronger connector.?
I know you said you didn't want to use a regular key chain but it really does work. I had the same problem with my dog's name tag-it constantly fell off in the yard. I just used a regular key chain and it works great. I do have a bigger dog though, so I don't notice that the tag hangs too low.

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