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Thread:Metric.PG.G(PF)and NPT thread

Material:UL approved Halogen-Free Nylon PA66(Flammability UL 94v-2) for A.C.D.F pares,(Accept to make flammability UL 94v-0)

Protection degree:IP68

Working temperature:-40 to 100

Features:suitable for different materials and hardness of the Plastic Flexible Pipes.

Coloure:Black(RAL9005).grye(RAL7035),other color available upon request.

High-tensile strength corrugated tubing fittings(Strong resistance to pull,Quick-fit)

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Q:Sony DV connector to Mac fire wire?
dv connector is also firewire. Sony does not use the term firewire because that is a trademark term owned by Apple, and no camcorder manufactures can use that name with out paying a royalty. So Sony calls it DV instead. all you need to make this work is a cable that has the Mac 9 pin firewire connector on one end and either a 4 pin or 6 pin DV connector on the other side.
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u need 2 6pin connectoryour card won't even run if u connected only single connectormake sure your psu is from trusted brand or else u surely fry everythng :D
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Any okorder
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Regular cable from the wall is RF,at least should be. You screw that to the RF in on the TV,set for whatever signal it is and scan. Now, depending on the provider, you may need a box, or be able to use the tuner in the TV directly.
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from game crazy I THINK _______
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It's called a push-on F connector. However, unless you are connecting it to your cable system, all you need is a single strand of wire that you can shove into the center hole. The best is a 24 guage or thinner wire, about 3 feet long, with a loose knot in it that forms a crude loop. I've even put a twist-tie in there and it worked as an FM antenna. If you are going to connect it to a coaxial cable, you will need an adapter. Normally, these come with the system, but if not, it's a Radio Shack item.
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What kind of a connector plug are you talking about? Generally, a TV has connector receptacles, not plugs.

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