Solar pv MC4 Connector

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pv connector mc4/MC4 Solar Connector IP67 Genuine MC4 Connector Australian Hot Seller

pv connector mc4 /MC4 Solar Connector - Australia Hot Seller

- Item No: MC4 Solar Connector

1---Cable Standard:2.5/4.0/6.0mm2(14/12/10AWG)

2---TUV Approval                                

*Photovoltaic cable coupler.
*Due to highly robustness,UV-Resistance,the touch protection a high grade connection is guaranteed for 25 years.
* DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06,UL1703 standard.


Electrical Features:

Rated Current


Withstanding Voltage

1000V DC(TUV),600V(UL)

Contact Resistance


Protection Class

Class II

Mechanical Features:

Temperature Range

-40 oC~+90oC

Protection Degree


Wire Size Range


Unmating Force

200 Newton

Material Features:

Insulation Material


Contact Material

Copper,silver plated

Flame Class

UL94-V0 or UL94-5VA


100sets/plastic bag, 1000sets/Carton

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Q:Do all computers come with a Dv connector?
Most new PCs, specially those meant for multimedia do have a DV (i-Link/Firewire) Audio/Video signal port for video capture from vcams.
Q:Is diplexer connectors available in south africa.?
A few places
Q:Where can I find a connector, what is it's name?
Go see you local Ford dealer parts dept they can show you parts diagrams to get the correct gasket. Have your VIN with you, sometimes they need it
Q:msi gx720 dc power broken connector help.?
very final one I had replaced into thoroughly knackered on a similar time as this packed up and uneconomical to repair so have been given it replaced decrease than the assure. The labour expenditures for stripping it down and rebuilding must be the main substantial substantial subject and the adapter is in lots of circumstances on the motherboard i think of.
Q:How do you put connectors on a Cat 5 Cable?
You either have to get a crimp tool to put on the connectors, or use the wall jack that use self-punch-down jacks on them (also known as Keystone Jacks). The wall plate is not a bad idea, it allows you to add a longer cable from the wall to PC if it's ever needed YOu can usually buy Keystone jacks on OKorder, along with the blank wall plates - a lot cheaper than and Radio Shack prices Buy several, saves on shipping and lets you add more jacks (like 2 on each end, so you can plug in two devices at the same time)
Q:My PSU has no molex connector ??
If indeed that is what you are referring to then you'll need a molex to sata converter. While purchasing such a converter, make sure you don't confuse yourself between male and female converters.
Q:Cable connector?
So, it's just a RF coax cable, but no coax connector? You'll need to get a crimping tool and maybe a few connectors (sometimes the tool comes with a few.) You can find the tool at Home Depot or Lowes in their home speaker/video wiring section (not electrical wiring) The crimping tool comes with directions. It's pretty easy. You'll need to strip some of the insulation from the wire (using the tool) then put a connector on the end, and finally use the tool to crimp it to the wire. That's all there is to it really.
Q:iPod USB connector cables?
Uhm regrettably you won't be in a position to apply different cables aside from the apple cable. As one tip of the cable is the typical port USB, the different end is specially formed for the ipod regardless of it being touch, classic, nano, or in spite of. you're purely decision is to purchase a yet another cable from apple or seek the ends of the earth for a matching one.
Q:What is the connector from a receiver to a subwoofer called? (home stereo)?
it is normally called an RCA, but to be more precise and specific it is called a subwoofer cable. a normal RCA cable doesn't normally include a y-splitter, but an RCA Subwoofer cable usually comes with it. bestbuy, walmart, radioshack have them.
Q:What kind of cable with this connector?
That is a C7 (cord)/C8 (inlet) connector, and very standard. Any electronics acessories department will have one with the C7 connector, and your domestic wall outlet configuration.

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