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Q:4 pin cpu fan 3 pin mobo connector?
That 4-pin connector is a so-called PWM connector. It's basically a normal fan connector which has one extra pin, so that it can change speeds depending on how hot the CPU or whatever it's cooling gets. It'll work just fine plugged onto a normal 3-pin fan connector, the fan will just run at max speed all the time. (PS. I'm using an old 92mm PWM fan as a casefan on an older PC connected to a 3-pin connector, and that's been working perfectly for a few months now)
Q:i stripped my coax tv connector?
It's normally not that easy. The type F connector is usually an integral part of the tuner--it's difficult or impossible to replace just the connector. And replacing the tuner is not a job for the average TV owner. Your practical choices are to continue using the connector as-is if it will work, or look into other ways to bring the signal to your TV, like an external tuner connected with an HDMI cable.
Q:Does radeon HD 7750 need pcie connector?
HD 7750 does not need a PCI connector from the power supply. The standard versions are 55 watts and do draw the power through the motherboard connector. However, it really does require a good 400 watt power supply, and my guess of your no-name imitation copy name Seasonic is that it is a piece of junk, and should be examined for its ability not to cause issues. It is not sold in the USA. It should have a power label designating the amperage on 12V. What is your CPU? It also draws 12V power along with the graphics card, system fan(s), disk drives. Check or report power supply info for help. The card can be plugged in, but there is a chance of power issues in the 12V line.
Q:SONY PSP INTERNET access Does the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector?
The WiFi USB Connector uses an old wireless chipset. I've heard that you can use the generic drivers for which the chipset is based on and actually use it as an accesspoint. In that case, theoretically you could use the WiFi USB connector and use it with the PSP but you might get some headaches.
Q:Laptop hard drive ribbon connector?
if its an inner difficult force then that's a IDE or SATA cable or archives cable. SATA is so plenty extra moderen and smaller. If that's exterior then that's merely a USB cable. the place that plugs into has a USB to IDE or USB to SATA (on extra moderen fashions). The IDE cable is a ribbon like cable frequently grayish in shade.
Q:Will one 6-pin connector and a 4 to 6-pin adapter work on GPU?
1. If your radeon comes with 2 6pin connectors, why are you asking about a good PS with one 6pin connector? Find a good power supply with 2 6pin connectors. 2. It really depends on the wattage of the power supply. If it's a crappy 400w PS then no. If it's a pretty good 600w ps and you don't have too many peripherals plugged in, like multiple hard drives, multiple optical drives tons of memory, etc, then it should be fine. 3. My god. Don't cheap out on a PS!! Say you were going to form a car racing team for Formula. You bought a ferarri enginehad lotus make your body, the best suspension and everythingnow it comes time for the tireswould you go and buy some $30 goodyear tires? OR say engine, would you buy the best parts then go find a yugo and put that engine in your formula racer? Heck no. If it were me? I'd spend at least $100 on a power supply. And I did. OCZ 750w. And I bought a cheap video card, radeon 6790, that I can upgrade later.
Q:What do PCI connectors do and what do they connect to?
+1 Eyecue is right, PCI connectors are the long slots where old video cards (newer ones are either AGB or PCI Express) and almost any other kind of cards go. The PSU doesnt enter here; you only need to know what power (watts) you need and if you want a hi
Q:HUGE problem with my computer(battery connector)!!!!?
did you try system restore?
Q:How to fix a loose laptop charger connector?
that is fixed truly difficulty-free i think of. I actual have various laptops with that problem come to me. As I do laptop restore out of my homestead. The laptop must be taken aside. i does no longer propose taking it aside by potential of anybody different than somebody that has some adventure.
Q:DS USB Wi-Fi Connector?
you in basic terms plug it in on your computing gadget and your DS will locate the relationship and that's all you desire! no longer the rest :) this is going to paintings with each and every DS pastime that has the Wifi image on the case the pastime got here in. sure, Pokemon Diamond will paintings!

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