Power cables extruded insulation powercables and accessories.

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Product Description:

2,the implementation of standards
GB / T12706.1 ~ 12706.3-2008ratedvoltage1KV (UM = 1.2KV)to35KV (UM = 40.5KV)extruded insulation powercables and accessories.

3, uses
This product is suitablefor fixed installationinAC 50HZ,ratedvoltageelectricitytransmission and distributionwireson the road0.6 / 1kv-26 / 35KVfordeliveryofelectric energyuse.

4, using the properties
1) The maximumrated temperatureofPVCinsulatedcable conductor70 ℃, XLPEorEPR, HEPRinsulation90 ℃.

2)short (the longestsustained5S)conductor temperatureofPVCinsulation does not exceed160 ℃, XLPE, EPR, HEPRinsulation does not exceed250 ℃.

3)whenthe ambient temperatureof cable layingshouldnot be less than0 ℃,such aslayingbelow 0 ℃,the cable shouldpreheat,cable bendradius:

Cables should notbe less than20times the cable diameter,multi-core cableis not less than15times the cable diameter.

4)greater thanthe ratedvoltage6KVcable connectorsshould bepeeled offthe external screenabout100MM,andcleanto prevent thesemi-conductive shieldinglayeralongthe surface ofthe conductive coredischargecaused bythe breakdown, causingdelayburninginsulation, causingunnecessary accidents.

5)In thelayingprocess, shouldprevent waterandmoisture from enteringthe cable core,in order todischargewaterrust, affectingcablelife.

5, the productcommonly usedmodel, name, size

NO.Flammability rating(A、B、C)RefractoryNameSpecifications,scope
VVVLVVCVZRA ZRB ZRCNHPVC insulated(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable1.5—630mm²
(1-5芯、4+1、3+2、4+1芯)    电压 :      0.6/1—26/35kv  
VYVLYVCYPVC insulated andsheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV22VLV22VCV22PVC insulatedsteel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV23VLV23VCV23PVC insulatedsteel tape armored PEsheath(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV32VLV32VCV32PVCinsulated, steel wirearmored PVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
VV33VLV33VCV33PVCinsulated, steel wirearmoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJVYJLVYJCVXLPEinsulatedPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJYYJLYYJCYXLPEinsulatedpolyethylenesheath(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV22YJLV22YJCV22XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV23YJLV23YJCV23XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV32YJLV32YJCV32XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmored PVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
YJV33YJLV33YJCV33XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmoredPVC sheathed(fire-resistant/retardant)power cable
WDZYJYWDZYJLYWDZYJCYXLPELSZHpolyolefin sheath(fireproof)power cable
WDZYJV23WDZYJLV23WDZYJCV23XLPEinsulated steel tape armoredpolyolefinLSZHjacket(fireproof)power cable
WDZYJV33WDZYJLV33WDZYJCV33XLPEinsulated, steel wirearmoredhalogen flame retardantpolyolefinjacket(fireproof)power cable

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Q:Xbox 360 Jasper Power Cable?
i don't know if somethings wrong with your xbox or power brick but i can tell u tho, if u use a Xenon power brick (12V,16,5A) on a jasper xbox u will run into a problem later on, for it will overheat and the CPU and GPU will warp and pull there self away from the motherboard, if u have ever heard of the towel trick( wrapping your xbox in a towel so it will overheat and the solder will pool up and re-solder the CPU/GPU back in place) that's where it come from, i would buy a jasper power brick if i were u (12V, 12,1A).
Q:Current carrying capacity in power cables?
Table 310.16 of the NEC (2008)
Q:How would I run the power cable to my amplifier in a 2002 Honda Civic EX?
Look under the storage compartment on the passengers side. look under the dashboard on the drivers side, locate holes then look on the inside of the cars side skirts you should be able to remove the skirting and lay cable under there.
Q:My PC crushes and it won't start w/o power cable unplug!?
Of course you can't start it if you Crush it ... sounds like the PSU is overheating and shutting down ... in the process it trips an auto safety feature which by unplugging the power cable you're resetting .... eventually you'll short out the whole thing and fry your computer ... go spend $25 and buy a new Power Supply before you kill your PC
Q:imac G4 power cable Question?
specific. the means cords designed for the iMac are what's mandatory to function the iMac. the present twine probably isn't feeding adequate means to function all stages of the device. that could happen. substitute the twine. optimistically, which will remedy your subject. stable success.
Q:Is it safe to use power cables when they're would up in a coil?
there is no danger coiling cords.dont fold the cord or you could break the wire
Q:What amp rating fuse do I use on the power cable for my Belkin TuneCast II?
Those transmitters are very low amp draw... as you noted 0.5 amps, which at 13 volts is about 7 watts of power... and even that sounds high for a portable electronic FM transmitter. With that little power, you probably have a faulty unit for a fuse to blow. I assume you are using an aux 12v power source in your car and the (cigarette lighter) adapter that came with the transmitter. Now most adapters are not fused, but yours might be, and you could open it up and just see what the number on the fuse is - probably 2.5 amps max. Radioshack carries replacements for those small fuses. Considering that the car's fuse rating on most aux power sources is about 15 amps, your transmitter could not possibly draw that much unless there were a problem. The problem may lie in the aux power socket or in the adapter itself. I'd start by trying something else with an adapter - such as a cell phone charger. If plugging that into the same socket blows the fuse (in your car's fuse panel) then its probably the socket. If however it works fine, then the problem lies the adapter on your transmitter; which = return that and get a new one. I have seen many adapters with bad design that shorted easily and blow the car's fuse. Pray that its the adapter and not the socket.
Q:Question about power leads and av cables?
There are 3 different power supplies, and 5 different types of Xbox. First is the Xenon/Falcon Xboxes. The power supplies for these work with all Xboxes (excl the Slim) Next are the Opus/Zephyr. The power supplies for these ONLY WORK with these consoles. They have a little plastic pin in the plug so that they wont work in any other type of Xbox Lastly we have the Jasper Xboxes. Again, the power supplies only work with these consoles. Unless you buy a power supply for Generation One xboxes (Xenon/Falcon) then you're not guaranteed to get it to work. TBW
Q:Dell Inspiron M5030 power button cable?
Hope this helps. Regards, GauravS
Q:Is it okay to have a 1200 watt power cable hooked up to a 400 watt amp?
Shouldn't be an issue. Just like an electrical outlet at home - it doesn't matter if you plug a microwave or a night-light. Both are handled without any issues.

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