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Product Description:

Product parameters:

Model: KM-PF-1
Dimensions: 381 * 133 * 105 (mm)
Out of the water Caliber: 1/2 '', 3/4 '', 1 '' Interface
Water temperature range: 5-48 ℃
Maximum working flow: 8T / H
Automatic cleaning cycle (Custom): Days 1-30



100um precision food-grade stainless steel strainer to avoid wading in water to precipitate equipment and fittings hazards, 1/2 '', 3/4 '', 1 '' interfaces, traffic up to 8 tons / hour;    Manual / automatic dual-mode smart flushing set, easier to use;    Ordinary power / battery-powered dual mode selection, installation Unlimited;    Panel "double exchange" design, installation more peace of mind;    Ultra-high-strength food grade transparent shell, the filtering effect at a glance.

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Q:Water purifier, cold water in the mouth of direct drinking?
There are many kinds of purifiers, the reverse osmosis membrane can reach the standard of straight drinking, his filter precision is 1/10000, bacteria and impurities can be filtered out
Q:Disposable filter has water system and organic system, what is the difference?
But nylon membrane will shrink when water hole, increase the difficulty of filtration (colorfulmiao TA), personally think that the solvent, water system is used for solvents, water and other polar solvents
Q:What kind of sewage purifier is good?
China's sewage barber started late, rapid development, sewage treatment process is mainly used for biochemical treatment, the common process of contact oxidation method, AB method, A/O method, oxidation ditch, SBR, biological aerated filter, flow biological aerated filter. The sewage treatment equipment of diversion biological aerated filter is recommended.
Q:Household purifiers purify less water is what matters
If a plug is plugged in, there is no movement, the first consideration is the transformer, the control circuit and the pump; if the water output becomes less obvious
Q:Working principle and structure performance of horizontal vacuum filter
The slurry is arranged horizontally on the filter medium, and the solid and liquid separation is realized by utilizing the gravity of the slurry and the suction of the vacuum negative pressure. The continuous horizontal vacuum belt filter can be applied to the materials under various concentration conditions. The utility model can automatically and continuously complete the technical operations of filtering, filtering cake washing, slag unloading, filter cloth regeneration, etc., and the mother liquor can be collected in a sectional way with the washing liquid of the filter cake.
Q:What's good for drinking water filters?
There's nothing to say about home drinking water filters, and it won't be good to use filters for two days.First, after filtering impurities still stored, the filter did not drain out;Two, only filter, no disinfection, accumulation of dirt, constantly polluting the water quality;
Q:How to judge the quality of the water purifier is very important
Modern water purifier in addition to activated carbon, often there are membrane components and other materials, together to form a water purifier, to eliminate the above-mentioned shortcomings of activated carbon. The pore size of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis are four 0.1-10 m, 0.005-0.1 mu m, 001-0.008 mu m and 0.0005-0.002 mu m respectively. So from the interception and removal of impurities in the water effect, reverse osmosis membrane water purification effect is the best, it can remove almost all harmful impurities including various inorganic and organic compounds, such as carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and mutation of chemicals, algae toxins, bacteria, viruses, algae, and heat source and so on, and these are other water purifier can not meet all the.
Q:Water purifier bottom leakage is what is the reason?
Two is the upper rubber ring deformation, there is a gap. Causing slow seepage
Q:What do you use to make your own drinking water?
Make simple filter:1, the water containers dig a small hole in the bottom plug pipe; a layer of small stones on the bottom of the container, a layer of sand, and then covered with sand, charcoal, towel etc.. In this way, the turbid water can be filtered into clean water, and the sterilized tablet can be used for drinking.
Q:How about bottled water or filtered water?
You can drink some kind of large filter water, but do not rely on the water, no matter what kind of filtering, filtering and processing of all minerals, only water, I have seen them made experiments with two electrode bars, if there is no pure water, mineral elements, filter out of the water is very clean. But at the same time, we also should think of, water is water. I hope I can help you.

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