Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 1812-50G

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Product Description:

Description of RO membrane element 


Advanced membrane technology, automatic sealing and rolling production line, CNBM could provide series of reverse osmosis membrane elements including residential, commercial and industrial fields.

CNBM-JY type is suitable for residential water treatment.




-High stability;

-High performance;

-High performance-price ratio;

-More choices for different specifications;





Effective   membrane area ft2(m2)


Desalination   rate(%)


Average   yield GPD(L/D)



Testing conditions:




Temperature( )


NaCl solution   concentration(mg/L)


pH value


Testing   Pressure (MPa)


Recovery   rate(%)



Operation Limits and conditions:

Max.operating   pressure psi(Mpa)


Max.inflow   temperature()


Max.inflow   SDI


Max.water   flow GPM(m3/h)


Free   chlorine concentration(mg/L)


Continuous   running water pH range


Chemical   cleanig water pH range


Max.single   membrane element pressure drop psi(Mpa)


 Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 1812-50G

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Q:Is it cheating to sell drinking water purifiers in the countryside?
Because the water purifier for this kind of thing, life is short, if the water quality is poor, may need to be replaced several times a year and you have to filter, the filter can purchase again, such as water, then boil drinking it, no need to spend money to buy water purifier
Q:What harmful substances can be purified by well water purification equipment?
Water containing minerals such as calcium and magnesium is called "hard water"". Rivers, lakes, wells and springs are hard water. Running water is a river, lake, or well. After settling, sediment is removed, and after disinfection, it is hard water. There are small amounts of lime, minerals and metals, there may be microbial bodies or excrement and the like, or pollutants are alkali, alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid, not only to digest the negative, especially on the body damage
Q:Installation of household drinking water filters
You can go to the hardware store to find the matching interface. These men can do menial work to fix. Thank you
Q:Can the filtered water of the tap water filter be used directly without water storage?
You can let it out and you can drink it. If you do not write instructions can be directly consumed, it must be burned before boiling to drink.
Q:Reasons for increasing water quality of water purifier in household filter
The process is as follows: no filtered water - the first stage filtration of a water purifier through a household filter to remove large particulate contaminants - - second levels of filtration to remove particulate contaminants
Q:Air compressor with a filter, how to spray out, there will be water?
If the compressed air contains a lot of water, mainly to see in what position, if before the outlet of the air compressor steam water separator, compressed air containing a large amount of water is normal, unless the air compressor inlet direct inhalation of liquid water; if the gas water separator after the cold and dry machine before (in the separator and between cold and dry machine there should be air storage tank and a primary filter) or a large amount of water jet, the gas water separator failure; compression machine after cold and dry under normal circumstances, the amount of water in the air will be very few, if there are a large number of liquid water, and gas water separator works well, it is best to check the drain valve in the gas tank, some condensation every day when water in the gas tank on the gas tank, soon will become a water storage tank!!
Q:How about bottled water or filtered water?
Look at your local living environment, and if the living environment is good, you can drink groundwater, minerals are particularly large, if the living environment is not very good,
Q:How does the tap filter and enter the water tower?
The water in the tube enters into the filter through the first filter part, can remove the impurities in the water into the second filter part, chlorine and chemical substances in water can be removed, enter the third filter part, inorganic materials can be removed by filtration into the water, the water in the water tower, so as to do water tower the purification effect and practicability.
Q:What's the difference between a backwash filter and a self-cleaning filter? What about the two?
These are two different conceptsBackwashing means washing the filter against a near saturated filter in the opposite direction of the normal flow
Q:Can the water tower prefilter clear the water?
A water tower prefilter can clear water, but he can't get heavy metals from the water

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