Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 1812-50G

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Description of RO membrane element 


Advanced membrane technology, automatic sealing and rolling production line, CNBM could provide series of reverse osmosis membrane elements including residential, commercial and industrial fields.

CNBM-JY type is suitable for residential water treatment.




-High stability;

-High performance;

-High performance-price ratio;

-More choices for different specifications;





Effective   membrane area ft2(m2)


Desalination   rate(%)


Average   yield GPD(L/D)



Testing conditions:




Temperature( )


NaCl solution   concentration(mg/L)


pH value


Testing   Pressure (MPa)


Recovery   rate(%)



Operation Limits and conditions:

Max.operating   pressure psi(Mpa)


Max.inflow   temperature()


Max.inflow   SDI


Max.water   flow GPM(m3/h)


Free   chlorine concentration(mg/L)


Continuous   running water pH range


Chemical   cleanig water pH range


Max.single   membrane element pressure drop psi(Mpa)


 Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 1812-50G

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Q:Is the water purifier useful?
The water purifier is generally divided into 2 kinds, one is by PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane through 5 layers of filter, this is pure water machine, filtering accuracy of 1/10000 microns, while calcium, magnesium chloride, plasma is greater than one micron network, will be filtered
Q:Household water purifier business can do?
The implementation of bactericidal technology is to rely on the filter core to complete the adsorption and inactivation of bacteria and microorganisms in water, the adsorption of heavy metals and the decomposition of water molecules, so that it becomes a weak basic group of water. Each filter element acts as an effective combination to complete water purification. Filter replacement is not a small expenditure, the choice of water purifier depends on the life of the filter and the price. The water purifier is not expensive, but the filter element is expensive. It is not an ideal household water purifier.
Q:Why doesn't the filter work when my aquarium has changed?
Red is a bacterial infection of the body, need to add salt or sterilizing water, also recommended that you frequently change the water, fish is raising water, also have a personal mind, must never be too busy to keep the fish tank clean, diligent and no harm, filters should be cleaned regularly.
Q:How to make household water purifier?
I feel the tap water is clean nowHomemade water purifier is not good, only counterproductiveYou can try using a coke bottle around 250MLIt was filled with clean sandOne end is connected to the faucetOne with gauze, sponge, etcI hope you feel better when you use it
Q:The chemical nickel filter, which has not been bought for a long time, does not pump water
The filter barrel, dosing barrel, pump, pipe are filled with water, and then turn on the machine, and continue to add water in the dosing barrel, once the dosing bucket does not enter water. Reopen on shutdown. If the dosing barrel is heavily flooded,
Q:Does anyone know why the water purifier uses the pre filter system?
2, the water purifier "pre filtration system" function is: effectively remove water rust, sand, colloid, and adsorption of water, chlorine, smell, color, pesticides and other chemicals. Pre filter: usually installed in the water after the water inlet pipe, is the first whole house water rough filtration equipment, can sediment, rust, large particles filtered tap water, can also protect the stable water pressure, water purification equipment connected in the back.Therefore, the water purifier is very necessary to use the pre filter system.Tips: popularize the basic knowledge of water purifier;1, water purifier, also known as water purifier, water filter, according to the use of water requirements for water depth filtration, purification treatment of water treatment equipment. The water purifier is usually used as a small filter for household use. The core of the technology is the filter film in the filter core device, and the main technology comes from two kinds of ultrafiltration membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane. The types of water purifier are: ultra filter, pure water machine and pipe machine.
Q:The fish tank filters won't absorb water
First of all, you see whether the submersible pump, if it is to see if the water level line is lower than the pump body, and secondly, if it is a top pump, you need to see if the water pipe connection is leaking
Q:What kind of water does the air purifier add?
Foreign brands, which are well known for their technology, account for about 80% of the market share, dominating the air purifier market. So, here comes the question. When will the domestic brands turn over and be the masters?"At present speaking, foreign brand competitiveness will be stronger, after two or three years, domestic brands will come up.". Because foreign brands rely on its technical forces, as well as its brand advantages. Three years later, domestic brands still have advantages." Zhang told reporters.
Q:Can the water purifier filter out the minerals when it is purified?
In order to achieve the physical and chemical index and hygiene standards of drinking regulations, output of clean and pure water, is the best choice for the body replenish water. Due to high quality RO reverse osmosis water purity technology is the highest of all water technology is mastered by mankind, the cleanliness of almost 100%.
Q:Water purifier, cold water in the mouth of direct drinking?
The ultrafiltration membrane is too tight to filter bacteria. For water purification equipment, I recommend it to you

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