Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 1812-50G

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Product Description:

Description of RO membrane element 


Advanced membrane technology, automatic sealing and rolling production line, CNBM could provide series of reverse osmosis membrane elements including residential, commercial and industrial fields.

CNBM-JY type is suitable for residential water treatment.




-High stability;

-High performance;

-High performance-price ratio;

-More choices for different specifications;





Effective   membrane area ft2(m2)


Desalination   rate(%)


Average   yield GPD(L/D)



Testing conditions:




Temperature( )


NaCl solution   concentration(mg/L)


pH value


Testing   Pressure (MPa)


Recovery   rate(%)



Operation Limits and conditions:

Max.operating   pressure psi(Mpa)


Max.inflow   temperature()


Max.inflow   SDI


Max.water   flow GPM(m3/h)


Free   chlorine concentration(mg/L)


Continuous   running water pH range


Chemical   cleanig water pH range


Max.single   membrane element pressure drop psi(Mpa)


 Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 1812-50G

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Q:What do you use to make your own drinking water?
Make simple filter:1, the water containers dig a small hole in the bottom plug pipe; a layer of small stones on the bottom of the container, a layer of sand, and then covered with sand, charcoal, towel etc.. In this way, the turbid water can be filtered into clean water, and the sterilized tablet can be used for drinking.
Q:How do you handle a chemical nickel filter without pumping water? Ask for help
Reopen on shutdown. If the drug barrel [national treasure] fierce water inlet, the speed to turn off the dosing bucket valve. Second: check whether to install the valve or check valve, no installation
Q:Articles: gauze, cobblestone, pebble, quartz sand, activated carbon, expanded cotton, empty plastic bottle, single hole rubber plug with catheter. Made a simple water purifier, and write out his purifying effect
Quartz sand filter which can remove colloid and large particles. When the particles flow through the filter layer multi media filter, filter of suspended solids from the sieve gap makes suspended solids easily entrapped in the surface of the filter material: import water pressure is greater than 0.07MPa. When the filter backwash should retain a certain amount of surface dirt forming membrane with the passage of time, before and after the filter pressure differential will increase rapidly until the failure. This requires the use of reverse flow backwashing filter, so that the adhesion to the quartz sand and activated carbon on the surface of the retentate and water stripping away, to restore the filtering function
Q:How does a sewage purifier purify water steps and internal structures?
The process of purifying water by a sewage purifier is to filter and kill the virus after settling, as shown in the picture:
Q:Will the water filtered out of the water purifier smell bad?
Waterworks are generally sterilized before they leave the factory, but they pass through layers of pipes and containers
Q:What about home water filters?
Making of simple water purifierActivated carbon has larger specific surface area and can adsorb impurities in water. After drinking water is filtered by the activated carbon, the harmful substances in the water can be removed so as to improve the water quality obviously.
Q:Water filter for living quarters
Water purification, its precision is relatively low, generally 0.1 M (10-7 m), only removing suspended solids (silt, rust etc.) and microbe, and not very good filter of heavy metal and organic agricultural chemical pollution, but retained the mineral water, boiling water is still a scale.2 is the use of soft water, the principle of ion exchange resin, calcium and magnesium ions adsorption water exceed the standard by ion exchange, thereby reducing the hardness of the water, the tap water without boiling water scale, but not very good to remove bacteria, impurities and organic pollution.
Q:Is the prefilter useful?You want to install a filter after the water meter
Not knowledgeable, but two I have used, I hope you can help.You can change the core should be the water purification effect is good that is, five filtering what, my earliest use of the advantages of filtering, clean, drinkable, many bottled water is not up to the purity; but the drawback is that each one to waste water 2~4 off the water;
Q:What's the name of the filter installed in the water pipe during the decoration?
Prefilter! What are the problems of pre filter, pre filter, well water, pre filter and so on?!It is a water filter installed at the end of the home for the water meter at the main pipe! The inside of the filtration process generally is a stainless steel mesh filter (mesh and probably female friends like to wear stockings close to the mesh size). Its itself is a physical filter effect, through the pore size screening method will be large particles of water can be seen with the naked eye rust, sediment, parasites and other trapped down, through the discharge switch discharge! Of course, this is just a common filtration process!
Q:What's the sense of the filter outlet for the pure water filter?
If people drink pure water for a long time, they are harmful to their health:1) pure water not only get rid of all harmful substances, at the same time, also removed many important to human health "essential trace elements. These elements are the requirement of human body trace, every day in the normal diet can be satisfied. Now, from the normal drinking water can get it some essential trace elements, because drinking pure water has been removed. It can not meet the normal needs of the human body. For a long time, causing irreparable harm to health. This kind of harm is chronic, imperceptible, may not change, but also endanger the offspring.

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