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RO water purifier system is raw water through precision filter, granular activated carbon filters, activated carbon filters, compression, and then through the pump pressure, the use of reverse osmosis membrane pore size 1/10000μm make a higher concentration of water into low concentration of water, while the industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water mixed with a large number of full isolation, to achieve the required physical and chemical indicators for drinking and hygiene standards, outputs to clean pure water is the best choice of body replenish water quality. It is key equipment of pure water plant.

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Q:How does the tap filter and enter the water tower?
The first step is to install the water tower filter first. The utility model relates to a water tower filter, which is an improved water tower filtering device, mainly comprising a filter cylinder, wherein the top end of the filter cylinder is provided with an opening, and the bottom end is provided with a sealing surface, and the sealing surface is provided with a plurality of through holes
Q:Does air purifier use tap water or mineral water?
The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, fan, air filters and other system components, its working principle is: motor and fan machine in the indoor air circulation, polluted air through air filter machine after various pollutants removal or adsorption, some models of air purifiers will install in the negative ion generator outlet (the work in a high pressure negative ion generator generates a DC negative high voltage), air ionization continue to produce a large number of negative ions, by the micro fan, forming negative ions flow to achieve clean air purification purposes.Purification principle of passive adsorption filtration (filter screen, purification class)The main principle is: passive air purifier with fan to draw air into the machine, filtered air through a built-in filter, mainly to filter the dust, odor, toxic gas and kill some bacteria. The filter is mainly divided into: particle filter and organic filter. The filter screen is divided into coarse filter net and fine particle filterThe fan and filter quality determine the effect of air purification. The location of the machine and the layout of the room will also affect the purification effect.
Q:Is drinking water purifier useful?
What is the rate of filtration? What is the minimum particle diameter of the filter? Can you keep minerals in the water? Is the filtered water available for immediate drinking? Is there UV disinfection?
Q:Household purifiers purify less water is what matters
What is the direct manifestation of the water that is not purified? No water? Or water out of small? Or water quality is not up to standard? If the water does not come out, first consider the booster pump and control circuit, what is the problem?
Q:What's the difference between a front filter and a faucet filter?
The faucet is filtered to filter the water you use directly. The position and function of the two installations are different.
Q:Why is the water filter in the bucket more and more slow?
Well, that's normal. Let's get to know his features and materials first.1, in general, the filtering water purifier has the advantages of simple structure, with Ppmian, activated carbon filter, its ability is limited, can only be used for coarse filtration using ordinary water purifier, 3+2 water purifier filter water heating to boil drinking the best. Known as ordinary water purifier (the industry name: 3+1 water purifier, 3+2 water purifier).
Q:Is it cheating to sell drinking water purifiers in the countryside?
Because the water purifier for this kind of thing, life is short, if the water quality is poor, may need to be replaced several times a year and you have to filter, the filter can purchase again, such as water, then boil drinking it, no need to spend money to buy water purifier
Q:Water purifier bottom leakage is what is the reason?
Two is the upper rubber ring deformation, there is a gap. Causing slow seepage
Q:Is the automatic water filter clean?
With the most pure reverse osmosis membrane, commonly known as water machine or direct drinking machine, water purifier is different from the only cotton fiber and activated carbon. He can filter out viruses, heavy metals and large molecules of pesticides, very powerful.
Q:Which pipe water does the tap water purifier drink?
It can solve the two pollution problems of the water supply pipeline and make the household drinking water meet or exceed the national drinking water standard. Yes, of course,...

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