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Product Description:

[Quick Ice Making]

The ice maker can produce 9 transparent ice cubes in just 6-8 minutes, which can produce 15KG a day, and can hold up to 650g at a time.

[Small and Portable]

Compact design, 247*324*317mm, this ice maker fits any countertop perfectly, weighs only 8kg, portable and lightweight, can be carried anywhere with sockets, such as bars, shops, offices, RVs, Hotels, dormitories, restaurants, etc.

[Practical Ice Maker]

The ice making is fully automatic, it has a LED screen with a water level indicator, you can control and add water, the amount of ice making can be seen through the window on the top of the ice maker.

[Easy to Clean]

Smooth case with food grade ABS material and drain plug at the bottom of the ice maker for easy cleaning. Remove the ice bucket and thoroughly clean the inside with a little vinegar and hot water.

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Q:Which is good for ice maker cl-31a and cl-80p?
The shape of the ice cubes is different, and ice machines are usually divided into particle ice machines, flake ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, shell ice machines and so on.
Q:Is it the outlet pipe of the water dispenser or directly connected to the purified bucket? Is the pressure enough? I have the machine to buy back, try the machine with a tap water pipe, machine now in storage bucket filled with water do not line, and not what I switch, if not a long time machine that is not that dirty water exists, not health. Can you tell me how to arrange the water?
Pressure is not enough, use is also troublesome. Do you use domestic or commercial ice machines? Commercial ones need to be connected to tap water, through filters.Small home ice machine should have a drainage outlet, open the drain on the line, it is not, only with a thin water pipe out
Q:Ice machine usually how to maintain?
Cleaning, the use of vacuum cleaners, brush and other cleaning surface condensation of oil and dust, can not use sharp metal tools to clean, so as not to damage the condenser. Keep ventilation smooth. The ice maker must unscrew the intake hose head at two months,
Q:Just bought the ice machine, normal work, but not ice, what is the matter?
Three, wet Bing Bing film is not hard1, environmental temperature is too high, especially in the summer will have a kind of situation. The machine repaired 2, add refrigerant. 3, ice separator water supply is too large. 4, press power shortage.Four. The machine runs without ice1, the water is insufficient or no water. 2, reducer failure or deceleration motor. 3 、 system failure, ice jam, dirty block, etc.. 4, ice machine leakage of snow, the pressure is not enough. 5, ice thickness is not enough.
Q:Long view ice maker does not refrigerate. Do not freeze. What's the matter?,
4, such as the compressor can not work, check the line, to see whether the compressor power supply, and the other capacitor should be checked5, to see whether the temperature knob knob is too high, try to lower the temperature6, check whether the ice is running water, such as water shortage will not ice
Q:What about ice machines without water?
. 2 、 handing over contact is not good. 3, system pressure protection. 4 compressor starter fault. 5, condenser is dirty, high voltage protection. Four, ice machine leakage: 1, the intake valve to provide water disk, too much water. 2 、 the connection pipe is broken. 3, fault. 4, water level float valve fault. Five, wet Bing Bing film is not hard: 1, environmental temperature is too high, especially in the summer will have a kind of situation. The machine repaired 2, add refrigerant. 3, ice separator water supply is too large. 4, press power shortage. Six, excessive noise: 1, ice maker fan fault. 2, reducer fault. 3 、 compressor noise. Seven, boot reporting system failure: 1, phase sequence problems. 2, the power supply system failure. 3, the control panel fault eight, water shortage alarm: 1, water supply joint filter screen plug. 2, water pipe plug. 3 、 inlet valve block. 4 、 drain valve leaking. 5, pump fault, click on the link
Q:When summer comes, the effect of ice making is not so good. Can you adjust the ice making temperature? Make it work better or what will work?
Ice maker is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that uses water to cool ice through the evaporator to form ice. It adopts refrigeration system to produce ice with water carrier and through a certain equipment.
Q:Ice machine has short time to remove ice
4. Check the inlet solenoid valve5. The water pressure must be 20-80Psi. Check the water filter
Q:Honeymoon dessert in the ice sheet for what to do?
Ice making machine: ice machine (English Name: ice maker or ice machine) is a kind of refrigeration equipment of water through the evaporator by refrigerant cooling system after the formation of ice, the refrigeration system using water carrier, while it is energized by a device made of ice.
Q:How does an ice maker work?
In use, sometimes ice machine, the machine into the ice removal program (water pump stops working, compressor stop cooling), but ice does not fall off; that is two way solenoid valve damage. Replace the solenoid valve or external loop.When the ice machine water shortage light, but the machine does not automatically enter the water supply; check whether the pipeline is no water or water, solenoid valve failure, the valve does not open. Maintenance methods if no water, then open the water after the restart, if the water solenoid valve is faulty, then replace.

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