Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Roll Fry Ice Cream Machine

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Product Description:

Description of Ice Cream Machine:

This is double pan fried ice cream machine, it have double fried pan with 6 topping pan. It is a disaccustomed stirring ice maker that not only makes rolled ice cream but also hard ice cream and soft ice cream. Besides, you can also add some decorations, like fruits, nuts, candy, biscuits, etc into it so that make the perfect ice cream which caters the tastes of different people.

Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

1. Pre cool the machine for 1-2 mins before you use.

2. Prepare fresh mix(fruit mix , milk ect).

3. Evenly spread the mixture onto the ice pan and fried it after it firm.

4. Add the fruits according to your flavor into the mix to fry together.

5. Once it is firm enough scoop up the icecream into the cups.

6. well done and delivery to your customer.


Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

This summer the temperature is higher and higher. Air temperature of many areas has broken through extreme records in the past. Ice cream sales is booming. Recency of business opportunity has made first appearance.Super strong Making Money Potential, Impressive Market Prospect, Seize Market Opportunity, Fried Ice Cream Maker You Rich.


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Roll Fry Ice Cream Machine


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Specification and model of ice maker
2, square ice series: according to different ice making capacity, square ice machine has 17 kinds of models to choose fromModel ice yield, ice storage, shape, sizeQM20A 218, 380*560*780QM30A 3015, 500*570*790QM45A 4315, 500*570*790QD0132A 5936.6, 660*670*980QD0212A 9836.6, 660*670*980QD0272A 12745, 760*720*980QD0462A 204, 132/195, 760*620*550QD0662A 270, 132/195, 760*620*550QD1062A 460195, 760*620*750SD0302A 147132, 760*620*420
Q:What do you mean by the three lights flashing on the ice maker?
The ice machine ice three lights flashing, the machine does not work: fault: machine for ice making and ice shedding is not normal; maintenance method: reboot,
Q:Operation method of ice maker
2, the adjustment of ice bridge thicknessThe ice bridge thickness is about 3mm, and the inter probe evaporator should be higher than the actual thickness of the ice bridge 1.5mm, clockwise rotation of the adjusting screw and increase the thickness of the ice bridge (screw rotating ring 1/3 ice bridge thickness 1.5mm).The connection check ice plate probe and a connection bracket, should guarantee the free rotation of each ice making process can return to the correct position.
Q:Ice machine does not cure ice, what is the matter, and sometimes only half cured
The heat dissipation of the radiating parts is not good, etc..Recommend professional maintenance personnel to come home inspection.I hope I can help you!!
Q:What are the requirements of ice maker in purchasing?
5, ice machine should be used in accordance with local drinking water standards of water sources, and installation of filters, to remove impurities in water, to avoid clogging water pipes, pollution tank and ice mold, and affect ice performance. The minimum water temperature is 2 degrees centigrade, the maximum is not more than 35 degrees centigrade, the lowest water pressure is 0.02Mpa, and the highest is 0.8Mpa.6, ice machine must be two months to unscrew the inlet hose head, cleaning the inlet valve screen, to avoid sand, mud, impurities, blocking the intake, and cause water inflow, small change, resulting in no ice. Although the ice machine ice making process at the end of each time, will put in the sink after water cooled off, in order to achieve the cleaning effect, it can effectively reduce the scale of evaporator and water circulation system in production, but generally about six months, also want to use ice machine cleaning and disinfection agent on the water pipe, water tank storage, refrigerator and water retaining plate for cleaning and disinfection, and rinse, produced in the cleaning process can not eat ice. When it is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and dried with an electric hair dryer. The ice mould and the water in the box shall be placed in non corrosive gases and ventilated and dry places, and outdoor storage shall be avoided.8, handling ice machine should be handled with care, to prevent violent vibration, handling slope can not be less than 45 degrees, after long distance transportation, ice machine should be placed 2-6 hours before you can start ice.
Q:Ice making mechanism, ice, but insoluble ice. What is the reason?
Two, ice production reduced by 1, capillary or expansion valve plug. 2, the system moisture is too high, there is a slight ice jam.3, ice machine condensation system is blocked. 4 lack of refrigerant or leakage. 5 、 the evaporator is dirty.Three, wet Bing Bing film is not hard, 1, environmental temperature is too high, especially in the summer will have a kind of situation.The machine repaired 2, add refrigerant. 3, ice separator water supply is too large. 4, press power shortage.
Q:Why is the ice making machine leaking?
3 、 the connection pipe is broken.4, the inlet valve is too large to supply water.I suggest you have a good check!
Q:What happens to an ice maker without water?
Maybe the compressor is too hot. Our company has an ice machine for a while, but it doesn't work for a while
Q:How do you see the refrigerating capacity of an ice maker?
Cooling method of refrigeration equipment:There are two kinds of direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling is to install the evaporator of the refrigerator in the box or building of the refrigerating device. The air in the air is directly cooled by the evaporation of the refrigerant, and the object to be cooled is cooled by cold air. This cooling method has the advantages of high cooling speed, small heat transfer temperature and relatively simple system. Therefore, it has been widely used.Indirect cooling by refrigerant refrigerator evaporator, so that refrigerant (such as saline) cooling, then input refrigerant refrigeration device box or inside the building, through the heat exchanger, cooling the air. This cooling method has low cooling rate, large heat transfer temperature difference and complicated system. Therefore, it is only used in less occasions, such as ice making in brine and cold storage with constant temperature.
Q:My ice machine doesn't make ice. What's the matter?
Causes and inspection of ice making in ice makerNote: first, compressor intermittent work: 1, the voltage is too low. Check the power supply.2 、 handing over contact is not good. 3, system pressure protection. 4 compressor starter fault. 5, condenser is dirty, high voltage protection.

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