Durable Instant Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Fry Ice Cream Machine

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Product Description:

Description of Ice Cream Machine:

The machine has a single flat pan. You can use pure water, plus a
prepared formula and fruit drinks, you can create a variety of types of soft and hard
has diverse range of food colors, rich in nutrition, taste great, refreshing cool down.


Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

1.made of stainless steel,beautiful designed,clean and healthy, movable with wheels

2.Temperature controller with micro-computer. The micro-computer can control and show the temperature

3.Casters with a self-locking device

4.Casters are changeable and removable and adustable

5.Every part is easy to clean and maintain


Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

Easy operation. Switch on power, put raw material . it can make fried ice instantly. 

Wide application. Used for various sugary liquid, ice cream raw material, milk, various fruit juice

Adopts imported famous brand compressor, good performance, long service life, high efficiency 

and energy saving.


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Durable Instant Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Fry Ice Cream Machine


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:150 to 200 cups of milk tea, with how many kilograms of ice machine is better, how much is the price?
In accordance with 100 grams of ice / cup, then the amount of ice should be used at 100*200=20 kg
Q:Method for connecting water pipe of ice maker
1. The refrigerator has a hole at the bottom of the refrigerator. It is a drain hole, and a pipe is connected to the sewer.
Q:How to use the refrigerator automatic ice maker?
Aftermarket installation. Make sure the pipe is connected and the water supply is normal.2. press the "ice mode" button and choose an ice making model, ice or ice.
Q:How do I clean the cleaning liquid in an ice machine?
For piping and ice mold cleaning, cleaning time (recommended special cleaning solution) into the water box, after cleaning will automatically drainage (some machines need manual drainage)
Q:Do you have the smallest size of a domestic ice maker?
Many models of domestic KB-15, need to use Baidu Search Fandilang ice machine
Q:What accounts should be taken of the ice machine purchased?
If not by the fixed asset management module, directly into management costs; through the fixed assets management, borrow: fixed assets have accelerated depreciation of other residual next month, if more than 5000 yuan in fixed assets is recommended to go.
Q:Is ice maker good for ice?
The ice making efficiency of ice maker is much higher than that of freezerThe ice machine ice tank is a direct metal chip cooling, and activities of the water cycle, out of the system are solid ice; ice is still water environment refrigeration, cold outside, often still water, it would freeze for a long time to become a solid ice
Q:Why does the ice making mechanism stop suddenly during the ice making process?
3 、 the process tube is unsealed and not repaired in time. This long freeze, coupled with the occasional boot, the moisture in the air will be removed from the pipe into the machine. There are not sealed and long-term placement of the compressor, without drying, it will be used to frost up, but also cause ice jam, dirty block.
Q:Causes and inspection of ice making in ice maker
Five, ice machine leakage 1, the water inlet valve to supply water is too large. 2 、 the connection pipe is broken. 3, fault. 4, water level float valve fault.Six, noise is too big, 1, ice maker fan fault. 2, reducer fault. 3 、 compressor noise.Seven, water shortage alarm 1, water supply joint filter screen plug. 2, water pipe plug. 3 、 inlet valve block. 4 、 drain valve leaking. 5 、 water pump failure.Eight, boot system failure 1, phase sequence problems. 2, the power supply system failure. 3 、 control panel fault 7
Q:What are the reasons for the ice making mechanism?
The ice making mechanism is thin because the condenser is too dirty, lack of gas, the probe is not allowed, and the expansion valve.Ice maker (English Name: ice maker or ice machine) is a kind of refrigeration equipment that uses water to cool the refrigerant through the evaporator to produce ice. The refrigeration system is adopted

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