Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cream Machine CE Approved

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Product Description:

Description of Ice Cream Machine:

This machine create a variety of types of soft and hard ice cream, smoothies, Ice, 

ice mud, slush, snow ice, fruit ice, ice porridge, fruit, etc. The production out of 

fried ice cream and diverse range of food colors, rich in nutrition, taste great, 

refreshing cool down.

Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

Model: GL-F700 fired ice cream machine

Voltage: 220v/50hz, 110v/60hz


N.W.: 130KG



Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

1. Single Pan Fried Ice Cream Machines

2. Double Pan Fried Ice Cream Machines

3. Marble Slab Fried Ice Cream Rolls Machines

4. 1+6 Tanks Fried Ice Cream Rolls Machines

5. 1+ 9 Tanks Fried Ice Cream Rolls Machines

6. 2+10 Tanks Fried Ice Cream Rolls Machines


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine,  Ice Cream Machine CE Approved


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Does the refrigerator with ice making function need to be connected with water?
Generally speaking, the refrigerator has the function of ice making. The refrigerator with ice making function just sends you an ice making box. You can make water or cold water out of the ice box. It's that simple.
Q:How does an ice maker work?
There are so many reasons, too many questions, nothing to say, and no definite answerIce free, not ice, such as compressor work, but not refrigeration, which may be the reason for the leakage of refrigerant or two way solenoid valve damage, closed lax. You can find the reasons for maintenance, the method is: after adding cooling liquid leak repair or replace solenoid valveIn use, there will be refrigeration ice, but not out of ice, this is because: measuring water temperature probe failure, so that intelligent control system can not effectively perceive the water temperature and work, miscarriage of justice, procedures, errors, or controller failure. The multimeter is used to measure the temperature of the resistance probe (the water temperature in the water tank near 0 degrees C, remove the control box of the three core lines, two lines on both sides of the resistance test), such as resistance in more than 27K, it was judged as controller bad, should be replaced, such as resistance of less than 27K, it shall be disconnect any two lines in a way, through the series resistance of the resistance to 27K to 28K.
Q:Why ice machine does not cure ice?
The following ice maker does not make ice, so we can compare it!1, ice machine cold enough, see if refrigerant leaks, leak out immediately supplement.2, the compressor is running normally, listen to the compressor there is no noise, and if there is noise, it is recommended that maintenance personnel check the compressor
Q:An ice making machine need to increase the number of Jin Xue
General two Jin (1kg) snow around.Ice machine work, evaporation pressure and evaporation temperature is much lower than ordinary air conditioning, refrigerant needs to add a little more appropriate.
Q:Can you tell me the working process of ice maker? The more detailed, the better
Fruit:Boot. The system will judge on water without water, and do not run or alarm (different manufacturers may be different), the presence of water, the water began to circulate, the refrigeration system (start this process some manufacturers with time control of ice time, some manufacturers may use ice cubes to control the size, weight, circulating water from the ice tank shed)
Q:Ice machine ice removal time is short, alarm shutdown after failure reasons
The ice is too thick, the ice can not fall out of time; the ice grid is too dirty; the resistance between the ice and the ice is too large to slide down; the frost electromagnetic valve is bad.
Q:How to install the water purifier for ice maker?
Intake water below the intake water, the following two is the drain,
Q:The ice maker emits a pungent odor
Here's my little ice cream machine in Shanghai, Baba. It's safe and cheap, and it's easy to make! You can try it1, rice wine: use rice wine 1 bowls, placed in the bottom of the refrigerator (to prevent outflow), generally 3 days can be except the net odor.2, vinegar: some vinegar into the open glass bottle, placed in the refrigerator, deodorizing effect is also very good.3, orange peel: take 500 grams of fresh orange, after eating orange, wash and wipe the orange peel, dispersed into the refrigerator, 3 days later, open the refrigerator, fragrant smell, no smell.
Q:How much ice can a 80 kilogram ice machine make in a day?
Freshwater ice machine series (0.3 tons - 60 tons)Sea water ice machine series (1 tons - 6 tons)Tube ice machine series (1 tons - 30 tons)
Q:How big should ice machines be?
The choice of ice maker should be based on the actual situation.Selection method:First, the demand for ice:Starting from the point of view, experience in restaurant: each seat 0.5kg ice; western restaurant: each seat 1kg ice; hotel: each room needs 1kg ice; pearl milk tea, bubble Black Tea, 1kg can supply 7--8 cup of ice; ice, ice sand can supply about 4 cups per kilogram.

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