Portable Organizer Outdoor Folding Picnic Adjustable Table

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This folding table has plenty of room to store your picnicwares and more.

After you unload your supplies, pull out the legs and you have a sturdy worktable.

Also suit for enjoying snacks in front of the TV or eating in bed, or working in sofa.

Locking tabs keep it closed for safe carrying and compact storage.


Individual products are packed in bubble bags, then packed in 5 layers plus hard cowhide cartons.

Product Net weight 0.875kg

Product Gross Weight: 1.1 kg

Single Package Size: 40x31.5x11CM

Net weight per carton: 5.25KGS

Gross weight: 8KGS

Carton size: 67x32.5x42CM,6pcs/CTN

Q:Are the odors produced by plastic foams poisonous?
No matter what kind of plastic foam can release some aromatic compounds when it burns, it is harmful to the human body and should be dealt with professionally.
Q:How about plastic tablecloths?
However, the use of materials used in low-grade plastic tablecloths in the heat release harmful substances, and particularly easy to absorb in the high temperature food oil and hand sweat, harm to health.
Q:The transparent plastic film on the table was white overnight, and the solution was found.
Is there water vapor? Buy colored, or you buy the quality is not good, in case of heat or water on the decomposition, instability
Q:What's good for your baby wardrobe, plastic and wooden cabinet?
Plastic furniture is widely used in our life, we can see a lot of furniture made of plastic, such as plastic chairs, plastic table, plastic boxes and so on, these are made of plastic and practical furniture, so the plastic wardrobe is worth choice.
Q:How can a plastic card dip onto a marble table?
Translucent stone than ordinary natural marble is expensive, it is recommended to use frosted printed
Q:PP and PVC plastic, that's good for a cooking table. That's good
PP weather resistance is poor, light after the fragile, PVC, good weather resistance, formula suitable for ten or twenty years no problem. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to use the stabilizer PP to make the table.
Q:Is the plastic transparent rubber table poisonous on the desk?
Do not eat without poison, this thing PVC do, the taste is relatively large, and its plasticizers will affect reproduction
Q:Plastic table mat, hard and soft that good
In comparison, the general hard to use a little more, and not easy to burn. I have used the soft, hot press and bad phenomenon have.
Q:Do you need a layer of crystal mat to protect the table top?
Maintenance method of solid wood furniture:1, take simple precautions2 please do not recline the seat and avoid connecting the seat connecting rod and the table base to the rest of the foot.3, please do not put any hot items directly on the furniture, and if the furniture is accidentally ironed, ask the furniture repair specialist.4. To avoid damage to furniture, use decorative fabrics made of natural fabrics or small felt pads under lamps and decorations. When writing desk, if you use a pen, or a protective pad on the panel.5, work, when using color pen, pen or Mark is so easy to glue pollution or destroying furniture tools, should be careful to protect the furniture panel. In addition, it should be noted that the fragrance of the decorations, if the direct contact with the furniture surface, it will damage its finishing.
Q:How about laying a table with thick plastic?
Know the user Hello, I also often encounter this problem. Used a lot of methods. For example, the clip, high temperature baking, a variety of methods are not available, back or roll back.

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