Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 2012-80G

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Product Description:

Description of RO membrane element 


Advanced membrane technology, automatic sealing and rolling production line, CNBM could provide series of reverse osmosis membrane elements including residential, commercial and industrial fields.

CNBM-JY type is suitable for residential water treatment.




-High stability;

-High performance;

-High performance-price ratio;

-More choices for different specifications;





Effective   membrane area ft2(m2)


Desalination   rate(%)


Average   yield GPD(L/D)



Testing conditions:




Temperature( )


NaCl solution   concentration(mg/L)


pH value


Testing   Pressure (MPa)


Recovery   rate(%)



Operation Limits and conditions:

Max.operating   pressure psi(Mpa)


Max.inflow   temperature()


Max.inflow   SDI


Max.water   flow GPM(m3/h)


Free   chlorine concentration(mg/L)


Continuous   running water pH range


Chemical   cleanig water pH range


Max.single   membrane element pressure drop psi(Mpa)


 Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for household 2012-80G

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Q:Why do filters become muddy when filters are used in fish tanks?
Because of the large number of fish tank water feeding, discharging condensate and fish on the secretion of organic matter accumulation, there will be more and more, the organic waste matter will condense, attached to the wall, and many are suspended in the water. Because of high temperature, the organic matter may accelerate the corruption, lead to increased turbidity, dissolved oxygen decreased, ammonia increased, deterioration of water quality, water is very turbid, fish is very easy to get sick in the life of this water, even to death.
Q:Can the water filtered by the filter be drunk directly?
Remove impurities and harmful substances in water by physical and biochemical action of the filter
Q:What are the ingredients of a water purifier?
Such purification equipment is the water purifier, the industry is also called pure water machine, water purifier or water filter. The tap water purifier is directly installed on the faucet, and the tap water and the purified water can be freely switched.
Q:Is household water purifier necessary for use?
Remove the excess minerals in water, soften the water quality, and make the mineral quality appropriate to meet the needs of the human body.4, can improve the taste of water
Q:The filter directly connected to the water pipe, the filtered water can also be drunk
Distillation and other suitable processing methods, sealed in the container, and does not contain any additives, colorless and transparent, can be directly consumed. Space water sold in the market and distilled water are pure water.
Q:Articles: gauze, cobblestone, pebble, quartz sand, activated carbon, expanded cotton, empty plastic bottle, single hole rubber plug with catheter. Made a simple water purifier, and write out his purifying effect
Activated carbon filter activated carbon structure: the upper and lower quartz sand: adsorption of chlorine (reverse osmosis of chlorine adsorption of organic matter and poor adaptability) microorganisms of chloride ions, removal of organic matter. The activated carbon filter to reduce water chroma and remove water taste, further improve the taste function in water pretreatment system activated carbon filter adsorption, can not remove the residual chlorine level filtering to prevent secondary reverse osmosis membrane by its degradation, and the adsorption of small organic molecules over the previous level leakage of other pollutants, adsorption removal effect obviously on water odor, colloid and pigment, heavy metal ions, but also has the effect of decreasing COD. RO can further reduce the influent SDI value, SDI
Q:Reverse osmosis or ultra filtration for domestic well water purifier
Which is chosen according to the specific circumstances?The filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis is 0.1 nm, and the ultrafiltration is 10 nm
Q:The purification of the water purification machine can keep small snapping it
. Such as rotten skin, rotting eyes, and the like. General turtles after 3-6 months, basically belong to the maintenance of the regular, water quality will gradually adapt.
Q:How to install the water purifier, what should be reserved for sockets and water pipes?
If the water purification equipment is to be connected to the refrigerator (ice maker), then the water and the refrigerator position shall be pre buried at the angle valve (before the wall and floor tiles are laid).
Q:Can household water purifier purify water really?
You see what type of air purifier, you have to ask, is not final filtration, reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis water desalination, certainly not easy to breed bacteria, if only to ultrafiltration level, then you'd better drink every day just out of the water, the water for a long time it is easy to breed bacteria, the purifier in mind, only the reverse osmosis water desalination is not bacteria. You can test this is not the reverse osmosis water, take a bottle of water, put under the sun for a few days, green is not pure water desalination, is how the sun is not green.

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