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Pigment moisture content on the silk screen ink have any effect
The filler is white, transparent, translucent or inappropriately powdered. Mainly from the filling effect, filling the pigment part, the appropriate use of some filler, can reduce the amount of paint, reduce costs, but also adjust the nature of the ink, such as thick, fluid, etc., but also improve the flexibility of formula design.
What is the physical state of a polymer? Which can be divided into several
Several physical forms of the polymer are: solid (more common), liquid (in fact, the sol state), liquid crystal (sub-soluble liquid crystal and thermotropic liquid crystal)
If i spray painted on my wall, not in large amounts, but somewhat, how easy would it be, and if its not easy, how, can I cover it up, if i wanted to?
Lol are you saying that Spray paint is not normal paint? If you want to cover, put some drapes
Who can tell me the composition of polymer cement mortar and material prices? Floor ground polymer cement mortar protective layer of the construction process and ordinary cement mortar protective layer construction process What is the difference?
The polymer may be a homopolymer made by polymerizing a monomer, or a copolymer obtained by polymerizing two or more monomeric polymers. Polymers must be coated under environmental conditions in the cement particles, and the cement body and aggregate to form a strong bonding. The polymer network must have the ability to prevent the occurrence of microcracks and to prevent the expansion of the cracks.
How can we spray the paint well?
Paint spray when the need to protect the area around the wall, mainly around the walls and the ground and furniture protection. In the paint spray around the wall covered with protective tools for the home of the furniture need to protect, so as not to spray paint splashed on the furniture or the ground, resulting in damage to the furniture and the ground, affecting the appearance. But also need to do before the spraying of household housing clean-up work to avoid dust flying, affecting the quality of paint spray.
The words on the paint are the first to paint or paint the paint first
Consider the protection of finished products, to avoid cross-contamination. Should be the first post-painted word.
Is the paint and the paste the same thing?
The color paste is not a paint, but a pigment paste, used to paint the paint, that is, one of the components of the paint
What is the difference between a polymer compound and a polymer?
A polymer, also called a polymer molecule or macromolecule, has a high relative molecular weight and its structure consists of multiple repeating units, and these repeating units are actually or conceptually derived from the corresponding small molecules.