liquid rubber paint

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auto paint colors
auto paint colors
auto paint colors
Place of Origin:
Shandong China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint,Boat Paint,Building Coating,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish,Furniture Paint,Paper Coating,Plastic Coating,Road Marking Paint,Rubber Coating
Application Method:
Liquid Coating
Brand Name:
Model Number:
DX 600
auto paint colors:
auto paint colors

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Packaging Detail:1LX12tins/ctn,
Delivery Detail:10-15 DAYS


Appliance Paint,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish, Metal paint, container paint and so on.


China auto paint colors
1.Famous auto paint brand.
2.Made from weathering resistant resins.
3.Good hiding power.

Made by Dexin Manufacure:

1.Made from Weathering resistant resins ,high quality auto coatings with economic price .

2.Good hiding power and excellent metallic effect .

3.Available in solid ,silver and pearl colors,easy to apply .

Product Technical Data
Surface Cleaning: Remove wax,silcon and other contaminations with degreaser.

Mixing Ratio

Basecoat Colors





DX-1K Basecoat



DX-1K Basecoat



DX-1K Basecoat


Spray Gun &Pressure:

Gravity Feed

1.2-1.5mm     2-4kg/cm2

Siphon Feed  

1.4-1.7mm     2-4kg/cm2

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Q:Paint on the girls what harm
Paint inside a chemical paint is formaldehyde will hurt the body or even allergies
Q:General paint and epoxy paint difference
Acrylic paint film drying fast, good adhesion, heat resistance, weather resistance performance, with good outdoor durability, can be applied at lower temperatures. Uses: Acrylic paint is mainly used for steel, aluminum, non-metallic materials.
Q:Polymer mortar is a ton of tons of cubic meters. How much money is converted into a cubic meter.
The density of polymer mortar than the cement mortar should also be about 1800 kg / cubic meters. That is, there are about 1.8 tons of 1 side, 1 ton 1500, 1 side about 2700 or so
Q:Which manufacturer's paint is good?
Buy paint paint the best choice for well-known brands
Q:Morning sun latex paint and Dulux latex paint that good
(China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Nanotechnology) 3, China Resources Paint (China Famous Brand (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) (Chinese top brand, Jiang Wenli endorsement, the Chinese chemical industry, China's top ten paint brands), China's top 100 paint paint brand, (The top ten brands of paint, brand), China's top brand, China's top ten paint brands) 7, Huadan paint (US brand, Guangdong famous brand, China's top ten paint brand) 8, (The top ten paint brands in China) 9, Apollo paint (American brand, American rugby players endorsement, the world's top ten paint brand) 10, Dabao paint (Taiwan brand, Guangdong famous brand, China's top ten paint brand) to add (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Brands of Chinese Coatings) 4 Kang Pai Paint (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Top Ten Brand) 2 Dulux (China Famous Brand, China Top Ten Brands) China's top ten brands of paint) 5kangpaiqu China famous brand, the top ten brands of paint in China) 6 million along the paint (paint is also old 7 Carpoly (China Famous Brand) 8 big treasure (China Top Ten brand paint) 9 three trees (Chinese paint Top ten brands) 10 US Tu Shi (China Top Ten brands paint)
Q:What is paint thinner used for?
The paint for airbrushing needs to be the consistency of light cream. If the paint you use is any thicker, it will clog the brush, so it must be thinned with the proper product, depending on which paint you use. Some airbrush paint comes pre-thinned, but other artists' paints need to be thinned. For acrylics, use Airbrush Medium or polymer medium + acrylic retarder to thin the paint - water will make the paint lose its adhesion, and make the paint dry too quickly. For cleanup of acrylic paint, use hot water & soap, or Windex amonnia-based cleaner. For watercolour or gouache, use water as a thinner. For oil-based paints, use white mineral spirits. For other paints and enamels, use the same product that the label suggests for cleaning up.
Q:What is the difference between imitation stone paint and real stone paint?
Really stone paint: is a decorative effect resembles marble, granite. Mainly with a variety of colors made of natural stone powder, real stone paint after the decoration of the building, with natural and natural natural color, giving a beautiful, harmonious, solemn beauty, suitable for all types of buildings in the indoor and outdoor decoration. Especially in the surface of the building decoration, you can receive vivid, return to the natural effect.
Q:bathroom prep before painting?
a good quality one with a primer to be sure to cover the old paint. I would think a semi-gloss latex paint for clean-ability and water resistance. Also make sure the patch work will be water resistant once it sets or it may fall out after a short time.
Q:Can the powder and black powder be used together?
Can be used together. Water color (or water background) is made from the physical pigments, coloring pigments or dyes, adhesives and water from the deployment of the paste, it is easy to brush, dry fast, strong coloring, easy to uniform, Pattern varnish, can fill the hole and so on. This can reduce the amount of paint, play a role in reducing costs. Water color commonly used physical pigments are talcum powder, light calcium carbonate; commonly used color pigments are iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red, yellow and so on. Commonly used dyes are acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes. The powder and the black powder are the mixture of acid dyes, and in order to attach the above paste to the wood surface, some of the adhesive material, such as polyvinyl alcohol or polyester vinyl emulsion, is suitably added. Water should be used to dissolve the dye to facilitate the dissolution of the dye. The above-mentioned various components in accordance with the requirements of the process into a paste, applied to the wood surface, to be dry with a fine shavings wipe the surface of the floating powder, even see the wood and then paint. It is noteworthy that the use of the background color of the pigment, the physical pigment talc in the water was scattered in white, but the background after drying paint, when the body paint was paint infiltration, was transparent, so after the background paint And paint before there must be a certain color, the construction should be given attention. For this purpose, brush a varnish or dilute nitrocellulose varnish before painting the varnish to observe the color after painting, if necessary, can be coated with a background (made of dye) to adjust to Satisfactory effect.
Q:what's Ms Paint use?
Their is really no us for it B.c their is more updated paint programs out their

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