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What kind of equipment does the dry powder extinguisher bottle produce?
Because it is a synchronous ring seam welding gun, the bottle is placed in a horizontal axis, at both ends of the set top locking device is due to the high temperature when welding in the long term, the rolling conditions of poor lubrication, thermal expansion deformation, once stuck, the bottle will not be rotated by welding to be scrapped and breakdown; two is the time when welding, instantaneous large current will produce 180~220A parts point at both ends of the rolling body pressing device of the electric shock phenomenon often occurs, it will cause the body unable to rotate to be caused by welding and breakdown of scrap.
Can water - base fire extinguishers extinguish electric fire?
Water based fire extinguisher can not save fire caused by live equipment.
What is a fire blister? And the principles of the system
Artillery fire with water as medium, long distance extinguish fire extinguishing equipment.
Foam extinguisher can not be used for fighting what fire?
The flame extinguisher is chemically mixed with an alkaline solution through the acid solution in the cylinder, and the foam is extruded out of the nozzle and ejected for fire extinguishing. In addition to being used for fighting general solid matter fires, it can also fight the fire of flammable liquids such as oils, but it can not put out the fire of live equipment and organic solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters and ethers. Foam extinguishers are MP type, MPZ type portable hand-held zhouche type and MPT type trolley type three types. Here, take MP portable as an example to explain its usage and precautions.
What safety measures should be taken when the electrical equipment is on fire?
Safety measures for extinguishing fire without cutting off power supply. Electrical fire, if the situation is critical, in order to seize the opportunity to fire, or because other reasons are not allowed and can not promptly cut off the power supply, it is necessary to live fire. In order to prevent personal electric shock, we should pay attention to the following points:1) the fire fighting personnel and the conductive fire fighting equipment and the live parts should keep a safe distance.2) when the HV electrical equipment or the line is earthed, the indoor fire fighting personnel shall not enter the range within 4M of the fault point; and the outdoor fire fighting personnel shall not be within the range of 8m of the fault point. If it is necessary to enter the above range, the fire fighting personnel must wear insulating boots, and wear insulating gloves when touching the outer shell and frame of the equipment.3) when fighting an overhead line fire, the elevation between the human body and the electric wire should not be greater than 45 degrees, and should stand on the outside of the line to prevent the conductor from falling behind and touching the human body.4) use non conducting fire extinguishing agents, such as carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, and chemical dry powder. Because foam fire extinguisher is conductive, it is forbidden to use in the case of live fire extinguishing.5), using water cannons charged fire, firefighters should wear insulated shoes, wear insulated gloves and gun metal nozzle grounding. The grounding wire can be used for soft wire weaving section 2.5 to 6mm2, 20 to 30m, the temporary grounding into underground length is about 1m iron, steel or iron. The earthing wire and the earthing body should be connected reliably. When conditions are over charged fire wear.6) the fire fighting personnel who have not worn insulated shoes shall be prevented from being electrocuted by water on the ground.
What electrical fire should be used for live electrical equipment and generators?
In the power of the electrical fire fighting is not cut off, then use the following: fire extinguisher extinguishing action -- on carbon tetrachloride with electrical equipment fire extinguishing better, carbon tetrachloride does not burn, nor conductive. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher - the most suitable for fighting electrical and electronic equipment fire, carbon dioxide is not corrosive, and will not damage the equipment. Dry powder fire extinguisher - it combines the advantages of carbon tetrachloride and carbon dioxide, it is suitable for fighting electric fire, and the speed of fire extinguishing is fast.
What kinds of fire fighting equipment are there in the fire engine?
As the fire truck fire fighting force, to play an important role in the fire, the fire team is now very large, every kind of fire car, such as foam fire truck, fire smoke, fire rescue vehicles and so on.
What kind of device is used for gas fire in record room?
Now the best is heptafluoropropane, heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea/FM200) is a kind of chemical extinguishing, clean gas fire extinguishing agent has the physical effect;