Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate

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Item specifice:

Grade: 1000 Series,3000 Series,5000 Series Surface Treatment: Coated Shape: Flat
Temper: T3-T8,O-H112,T351-T651 Application: Decorations

Product Description:


1.Structure of Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate Description

We can produce aluminum sheet,color aluminum sheet and plastic composite panel base material. They are widely used in construction and decoration, hardware and electric appliances manufacture, automobile manufacture and other industrial and civil purposes, such as electronic capacitor, rice cooker, refrigerator, computer casting, lamp shade, air-conditioner, cosmetics cover and box, air-conditioner radiator, inner container of disinfecting cabinet, ceiling board, automobile motherboard, cover board and top board, etc.  



2.Main Features of Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate 

Good Corrosion Resistance

Good Machinability

High Quality 
Competitive Price



3. Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate Images:


Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate

Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate

Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate



4. Aluminum Coil Sheet Goleden Brush For Decoration Plate Specification:

Thickness3mm~10mm or as customer's requirement
Width500-2000mm or as customer's requirement
Length1000-6000mm or as customer's requirement
Finish2B,BA,HL,Brush,NO.1,NO.4,8k, polished etc
StandardAISI, GB, ASTM
Materiallow carbon steel, aluminum
ApplicationFoodstuff, Gas, metallurgy ,biology, electron ,chemical,
petroleum, boiler, nuclear energy, medical equipment, 
fertilizer, etc.


Q1.How long have you been in this product?
A1:More than 10 years.
Q2. What's the minium quantity(MOQ)?
A2. 5 Metric tons
Q3. How long is shipping time?
A3. 7 (ready-made products)-25 days(OEM)
Q4. How do you guarantee the quality?
A4. 1. Cooperating and Exchaning experience with sevral quoted aluminum companies
    2. Japanese and Swiss production line and skilled works (regular training and testing)
    3. more than 10 years production experience.
Q5. Do you have after sale service?
A5. Yes. Any quality problem occurs within one year, pls take photoes,we will be responsible.



Corrugated aluminum is characterized by light weight (only steel 3/10), silver white and other colors, both decorative effect, but also a strong ability to reflect sunlight. It can fire, moisture, corrosion resistance, can be used in the atmosphere for more than 20 years. Relocation dismantled corrugated board can still be reused. Corrugated aluminum sheet is widely used in building decoration. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other buildings walls and roof decorations.

Corrugated aluminum plate is made of aluminum alloy rolled sheet, its wavy cross section, is currently building a new type of building material widely used.
Only one-third of the proportion of aluminum steel, and has good ductility, very suitable for rolling process, in addition to aluminum also has a strong corrosion resistance, and therefore have important applications in the construction industry.


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