Aaluminium foil rolls for packaging,pharma packaging aluminum foil

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Product Description:


Product Description

Due to perfect water resistance,anti-air permeability,and electrical conductor characteristics, the aluminum foil has beewidely used in many kinds for packaging material industrial, container, composite material, Electrical Engineering & Electronics, building decoration, air conditioner manufacturing, printing, etc.We supply aluminum foil  thickness from 6 microns-20microns, width from 200-2000mm;alloy include 8011,8079,1235,3003 etc.

Product parameters:

Packing after laminatingFood1235,8011,8079O




Candy,tea,coffee,snack,chips,drink,powder food,butter etc


For medicine packing,seal packing of medicine bottle


 Cigarette or tobacco


Chocolate or chocolate bar


Beer bottle mark8011O0.01-0.012


Beer bottle mark or label
Yogurt lid1235,8011O0.025-0.04300-850Yogurt lid,capsule coffee lid, cheese lid,milk powder cover etc
  Daily useHousehold1235,8011,8079O0.006-0.03200-1600Food packaging and ktichen use,  hair dressing, etc
Container3003,8011H22,H24,O0.02-0.15200-1300Food container, airline container etc
  Electrical equipmentCapacitor1235,8011O0.006-0.11300-800Capacitor or electrolytic capacitor


Electric Cable
    Special specificationIndustrial foil1235,8011O0.008-0.1200-1600Insulation material,air duct,pipe liner,air-condition


Adhesive tape
Construction 8011O,H220.06-0.11050Roofing,Ceiling or other building 
Decoration 3003,8011H180.026-0.15900-1400 


Aaluminium foil rolls for packaging,pharma packaging aluminum foil

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