Aaluminium foil rolls for packaging,pharma packaging aluminum foil

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Product Description:


Product Description

Due to perfect water resistance,anti-air permeability,and electrical conductor characteristics, the aluminum foil has beewidely used in many kinds for packaging material industrial, container, composite material, Electrical Engineering & Electronics, building decoration, air conditioner manufacturing, printing, etc.We supply aluminum foil  thickness from 6 microns-20microns, width from 200-2000mm;alloy include 8011,8079,1235,3003 etc.

Product parameters:

Packing after laminatingFood1235,8011,8079O




Candy,tea,coffee,snack,chips,drink,powder food,butter etc


For medicine packing,seal packing of medicine bottle


 Cigarette or tobacco


Chocolate or chocolate bar


Beer bottle mark8011O0.01-0.012


Beer bottle mark or label
Yogurt lid1235,8011O0.025-0.04300-850Yogurt lid,capsule coffee lid, cheese lid,milk powder cover etc
  Daily useHousehold1235,8011,8079O0.006-0.03200-1600Food packaging and ktichen use,  hair dressing, etc
Container3003,8011H22,H24,O0.02-0.15200-1300Food container, airline container etc
  Electrical equipmentCapacitor1235,8011O0.006-0.11300-800Capacitor or electrolytic capacitor


Electric Cable
    Special specificationIndustrial foil1235,8011O0.008-0.1200-1600Insulation material,air duct,pipe liner,air-condition


Adhesive tape
Construction 8011O,H220.06-0.11050Roofing,Ceiling or other building 
Decoration 3003,8011H180.026-0.15900-1400 


Aaluminium foil rolls for packaging,pharma packaging aluminum foil

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Q:Why would you put an aluminum foil in the oven?Just this?
Magical:1. blunt the scissors as long as folded into two or three thick aluminum foil cut, can easily make the scissors restore glory. Similarly, also can use a few overlapping aluminum foil paper in half, and then slowly cut off as a kitchen knife, grindstone!2 we can be used aluminum foil paper into a small ball thrown into the sink drain hole. Aluminum foil paper washed by water will collide with drainage holes, produce metal ions, the drainage hole is not easy to adhere to the kitchen greasy, and deodorizing function.
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