Flexible Adaptable Fire Hose Reel Approved Swing Type

Ref Price:
$30.00 - 70.00 / roll
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Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
50 roll
Supply Capability:
20000 roll/month

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Product Description:

Hose reel is composed by valve, input line, spokes, racks, rocker arm, hose and spray gun parts.




1. Our company has several years's experience in producing all kind of fire-fighting equipment. 

2.Our products are approved by ACS ,CE ,ISO9001/14001 approved . 

3.We can produce the fire fighting products according to our customer's requirement. 

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Q:My Mother In Law Reported Racial Harassment And Was Fired. Can She Sue? ?
Hmmm I'm 60 years old and I've used fire extinguishers to put out small fires at home at work and on vehicles But I've never owned a gun because I've never needed to ..and neither have almost all gun owners
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Without SOME description of how you wired the unit, it is difficult to be certain. My best GUESS is that you have at least one wire connected to the wrong terminal. May such alarms have 3 wires. One 'hot', one 'neutral', and one that ties to other alarms so that if one is triggered, they all sound.
Q:What is the function of indoor fire hydrants?
Usually the fire hydrant can be divided into ordinary type, type, rotary type vacuum regulator, its way of fighting for the artificial water belt connected to the fire hydrant, fire hydrant and fire hydrant button box in addition, press this button to start the fire hydrant pump to remote water.
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Q:Is there a definite service life for fire hoses?
1 years need to test once, the service life is 5 years (that is, even once did not use, 5 years later also want to change), because once used fire hose basically can be scrapped.
Q:do dorm smoke detectors detect cigarette smoke?
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Q:Can radiated heat be stopped or shielded?
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Water extinguishers at 150-psi or, of the gas cartridge type operate in much the same manner, but the pressure source is a small cartridge of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) at 2,000 psi, rather than air. To operate a gas cartridge unit, the end of the extinguisher is struck against the floor, causing a pointed spike to pierce the cartridge, releasing the gas into the pressure vessel. The released CO2 expands several hundred times its original volume, filling the gas space above the water. This pressurizes the cylinder and forces the water up through a dip-pipe and out through a hose or nozzle to be directed upon the fire. This design proved to be less prone to leak-down (loss of pressure over time) than simply pressurizing the entire cylinder. In foam extinguishers, the chemical agent is generally held under stored pressure. In dry powder extinguishers, the chemicals can either be put under stored pressure, or a gas cartridge expeller can be used; the stored-pressure type is more widely used. In carbon dioxide extinguishers, the CO2 is retained in liquid form under 800 to 900 psi and is self-expelling, meaning that no other element is needed to force the CO2 out of the extinguisher. In halon units, the chemical is also retained in liquid form under pressure, but a gas booster (usually nitrogen) is generally added to the vessel. mmalky: The man that does his homework.
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