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Is the electric fireplace available in the bathroom? Isn't there any special requirement?
It shouldn't be. After all, it's an electric appliance. The humidity in the bathroom is so large that it is easy to short-circuit the wiring
Will the electric fireplace be warm?
Yes, this electric fireplace, compared with the traditional one, uses electric energy as the heat source. The heating efficiency is high, and the running cost is much lower than other heating products. It is economical and practical. Heated by convection and heat radiation, the heating is even and the heating mode is natural and comfortable. In the shape design more calm and generous, beautiful and elegant, the European and American fireplace culture interpretation of the most impressive, with other heating equipment can not be replaced by decorative landscape effect
What brand is good for an electric fireplace?
Personally, I think Ting Preiss's electric fireplace is good. There are many categories and the quality is pretty good
Which heating effect is better than a power electric fireplace and air conditioner?
As a household electric heating appliance, electric fireplace has the characteristics of cleanness, sanitation, safety, convenient handling and high utilization ratio of combustion. With a wood burning fireplace, in comparison, there will not be difficult to prevent the electric fireplace ash, produced a strange smell and flame noise;The electric fireplace not only can save the heating cost, but also can bring elegant ornamental effect. It is safe and convenient to enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the electric fireplace. Touch switch, magical flame effect instantly show. Convenient installation, gorgeous flame will bring beautiful mood for your home decoration.The use and installation of the electric fireplace is also very simple. No complicated preparations are needed, so long as the fireplace is plugged into the household power supply. There is no high temperature on the surface of the electric fireplace. It is very safe for children and old people.Air conditioning, that is, conditioner (air), also known as air conditioning. Refers to the use of artificial means to the building / structure of the ambient air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, speed and other parameters to adjust and control process.Generally includes cold / heat source equipment, hot and cold medium transmission and distribution systems, end devices and other major parts and other auxiliary equipment. It mainly includes water pump, fan and pipeline system. The terminal unit is responsible for using the cold heat from the transmission to process the air in order to meet the requirements of the target environment.
How do you fix the fireplace?
Look, what kind of fireplace do you like?. There are many styles and styles in the fireplace.
Which is better, an electric fireplace or a true fire fireplace?
Of course, the fireplace is really fire, fire fireplace really warm, very comfortable, and I installed a house, is the Iraqi sails, they are professional fireplace, I suggest you go to see!
How to buy electric fireplace core
Aaron, the electric fireplace looks nice
I'm not going to accept the copy of the ad. I'm tired of looking at it. When I buy the electric fireplace, I don't want to buy that thing when I think of these copied disgusting advertisements
By 1000W, 1 kwh per hour, (the power of the fireplace is KW* hours and hours, equal to one day's electricity degree *30 days), which is one month's electricity. Count it yourself