Wooden Interior Composite Door for Decoration

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2000 m²
Supply Capability:
200000 m²/month

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Product Description:


    Pure solid wood +MDF board +natural wood veneer+paints


2.Standard door leaf size



3. Advantage

    moisture proof , no crack , no formaldehyde



   Plastic film inside  ,four plastic corner protection , strong carton outside


5.Delivery time

   30-35 days after receiving deposits or L/C


6.Lading capacity

   20GP :200 sets

   40GP:330 sets

   40HQ:370 sets


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Q:Automatic door and access control system plus remote control plus sensor can you
This is possible, as long as you add the controller and the sensor inside the module can be a module, but the module will own to buy,
Q:Help, my automatic garage door is stuck!?
Garage doors are very heavy and you could get injured trying to repair yourself. I suggest that you contact a reputable garage door service person and and have him/her come in to service and repair your door. It may be money well spent! gere
Q:does anyone know how automatic doors work its my homework i need help?
Infrared motion detectors see you walk to the door, and send a signal to a computer which open the doors and keep them open until no motion is detected.
Q:automatic door locks dont work no more?
actuator but to save yourself some time. use the switch on the passenger side door and see if they work. if it works that side and not the other. it's a switch. if not it's the actuator 40$ at the dealer and about 25 min to install if you have the hands of a 5 year old. and realistically 1 hr to swap out.
Q:do automatic garage door opener adjustments become uncalibrated automatically?
If it's slamming down hard enough to damage a car it is not the opener. You either have a broken or detached spring on the side of the door. WARNING!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SERVICE THE SPRINGS YOURSELF!!! They are under high tension and can cause severe injury or death.
Q:Automatic door password Many people know, how to change the new
Look at the instructions. It will tell you
Q:What causes automatic garage doors to open by themselves?
It's possible that someone else in your neighborhood has a garage door with the same or similar wireless code. See if your model allows for the remote and receiver to be re-coded. To check if this is correct, drive or walk the block and try your remote in front of other homes. If it works, you may want to warn that person and see if he or she can change their remote code if yours can't. They may be wondering why their garage opens now and again as well! It's also possible that the switch on your wall is sticking intermittently and therefor is not releasing completely after it is depressed (and I don't mean sad). Try pressing it repeatedly to determine if it feels like it is returning smoothly. If it feels sticky at all make sure there are no obstructions around the edge of the button (dirt and grease buildup). If it looks clean, but still feels like it sticks a bit, try a little silicone spray (NOT oil or WD40 etc.) around the edge of the button to get it to move freely. Also, follow the wire from your wall mounted switch or any other switch that is attached to the opener. If you observe any breaks or kinks in those thin wires, you may find your intermittent problem there. If the switches are normally closed and the circuit is interrupted, it thinks the button is being pushed. If there is enough slack in the wire, simply cut and splice the wire and re-insulate it to re-establish the connection. Be sure to match the polarity which should be marked with a color or stripe on the insulation or possibly one silver and one gold tone wire inside the insulation. Hope this helps.
Q:Automatic induction door of the general size of how much ah
How much have ah. How much you can do to your door!
Q:Besam automatic doors stay open after a while of use.?
Besam Automatic Doors
Q:Side automatic door was forced open while in drive and now it won't come un- locked, How do I get it un-locked
It's jammed, try pushing the door from the outside towards the close position even further, then while holding it in that position try putting it into neutral and open the door while releasing it from the outside at the same time. If no click click is heard, then it must have to go the the dealer.

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