• MetalForge Marvel: High-Quality Furnace Slag for Superior Industrial Performance! System 1
  • MetalForge Marvel: High-Quality Furnace Slag for Superior Industrial Performance! System 2
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MetalForge Marvel: High-Quality Furnace Slag for Superior Industrial Performance!

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Welcome to the CNBM Slag Products Zone

A. Product Description and Application:

a. Description: 

Grain slag refers to the slag produced in the iron smelting blast furnace. It undergoes rapid cooling with water in a high-temperature molten state, resulting in granular foam shapes. It has a milky-white color, is lightweight, brittle, porous, and easily ground into fine powder. It serves as a soft material for foam silicate building products, slag sound-absorbing bricks, and insulation layers.

b. Applications:

Used as a construction material, water slag is employed in the production of cement and concrete. Due to its potential hydraulic properties, water slag, when activated by additives such as cement clinker, lime, gypsum, etc., can serve as a high-quality raw material for cement. It can be processed into various types of cement, including slag silicate cement, gypsum-slag cement, lime-slag cement, as well as products like slag bricks and slag concrete. Additionally, it can be used as a raw material for producing environmentally friendly cement bricks.

B. Key Indicators of Our Slag Products:


Specifications of bulk cargo, if applicable:

Stowage factor: 0.9

density : 1.1

Angle of repose, if applicable

Trimming procedures: Chemical properties if potential hazard*: non-dangerous*e.g, Class & UN No. or "MHB"

Group of the cargo: Group C

*For cargoes which may liquefy (Group AAnd Group A and B cargoes)


For detailed specifications, please refer to the SGS testing report provided.

C. Why Choose CNBM Slag Products?

a. Unrivaled Quality Assurance: 

Our slag products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure unparalleled quality, providing you with a reliable material foundation.

b. Stable Supply Chain:

CNBM boasts a stable and dependable supply chain, ensuring you have access to the required slag products whenever you need them, facilitating the smooth progress of your projects.

c. Competitive Pricing:

We offer competitively priced solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your investment is cost-effective and valuable.


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1. Manufacturer Overview

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2. Manufacturer Certificates

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
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No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
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