High Strength PET Woven Geotextile White Color WOVEN GEOTEXTILE/HIGH STRENGTH

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PET High Strength Woven Geotextile

PET High-strength Woven Geotextile is a type of high-strength woven fabric used in geotechnical engineering applications.

It is made of polyester (PET) fibers that are woven together to form a strong and durable material that can withstand heavy loads and resist deformation.

This geotextile is commonly used in soil stabilization, erosion control, drainage systems, and road construction.

Its high tensile strength, excellent durability, and resistance to chemical and biological degradation make it an ideal material for use in harsh environmental conditions.

PET High-strength Woven Geotextile is available in a range of sizes, strengths, and specifications to meet the specific needs of various construction projects.

High Strength PET Woven Geotextile White Color WOVEN GEOTEXTILE/HIGH STRENGTHHigh Strength PET Woven Geotextile White Color WOVEN GEOTEXTILE/HIGH STRENGTH



High Strength PET Woven Geotextile White Color WOVEN GEOTEXTILE/HIGH STRENGTH



1. High strength, low deformation
2. Durability: steady property, not easy to resolved, air slaked and can keep the original property long term
3. Anti-erosion: anti-acid, anti-alkali, resists insects and mould
4. Permeavility: could control the sieve size to retain certain permeability



  1. Weaving: The PET fibers are woven together on a loom to create the geotextile fabric.

  2. The weaving process can be done using various techniques, such as plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave, to create different patterns and strengths in the fabric. 



1. It is widely used in river, coast, harbor, highway, railway, wharf, tunnel, bridge and other geotechnical engineering.
2. It could meet all kinds of geotechnical projects needs such as filtration, separation, reinforcement, protection and so on

Q:The technical parameters of woven geotextile
Test items / specifications 0400 Remarks breaking strength (longitudinal) KN / m ≥ 17. Breaking strength (horizontal) KN / m ≥ no special requirements by the meridional 0.7 / 1 longitudinal and transverse elongation at break% ≤ 25 vertical and horizontal trapezoidal torn Strength, KN ≥ vertical and horizontal CBR top breaking strength, KN ≥ equivalent aperture O95 (O95) mm0.07-0.5 vertical permeability coefficient cm / sK × (10-1-10-4) K = 1.0-9.9
Q:Do you need to use geotextile for construction site? Mainly used where?
What do you want to specify? In what position. Are generally used in waterproof engineering.
Q:You produce 700 grams of high-strength polypropylene geotextile it?
700 grams of high-strength polypropylene geotextile is designed for high-speed rail sliding layer of high-strength wear-resistant geotextile, our products in the West high-speed rail passenger line, OKorder and Hangzhou and other high-speed rail lines have applications.
The cost considerations for geotextiles include the material cost, installation cost, maintenance cost, and the overall lifespan of the geotextile. Additionally, factors such as the type and quality of the geotextile, the size of the project, and any specific requirements or regulations can also impact the cost. It is important to carefully evaluate these considerations to determine the most cost-effective solution for a geotextile application.
When designing geotextile-reinforced walls, there are several factors that need to be considered. Firstly, the strength and stability of the geotextile material itself is crucial. The geotextile should have sufficient tensile strength and durability to withstand the loads and pressures exerted on the wall. Secondly, the soil characteristics and properties must be thoroughly analyzed. Factors such as soil type, compaction, and shear strength are essential in determining the design of the reinforced wall. The slope of the site and the anticipated slope stability also play a significant role. The angle of inclination and the height of the wall will impact the design and reinforcement requirements. Additionally, proper drainage is vital to prevent water buildup and potential failure of the wall. The design should incorporate adequate measures to ensure effective water management and prevent hydrostatic pressure. Considering the environmental conditions is essential. Factors such as temperature variations, freeze-thaw cycles, and corrosive substances in the soil must be taken into account to ensure the longevity of the geotextile-reinforced wall. Lastly, construction techniques and maintenance requirements should be considered during the design phase. The ease of installation, access for maintenance, and potential future repairs should all be evaluated to ensure the practicality and sustainability of the reinforced wall.
Geotextiles aid in the filtration of water by acting as a barrier that prevents the passage of fine particles while allowing water to pass through. They retain sediment and other pollutants, allowing cleaner water to flow through, thereby improving water quality.
Q:There are engineering budgets
Where are you from where you want to sell
Q:What are the uses of acupuncture geotextiles?
I specialize in producing geotextile materials
Q:Geotextile cost how much money a flat
Geotextile laying - including the labor costs (according to geotextile specifications and laying conditions and requirements are different), material costs (specific quality requirements and thickness, are not the same ..), mechanical use costs (such as transport, sewing System, hoisting, etc.). The price is different. Sometimes the construction of our geotextile laying, the price per square meter from 9 yuan to 50 yuan range.
Geotextiles can be affected by biological factors such as the growth of vegetation and the presence of microorganisms. Vegetation can penetrate and grow through geotextiles, reducing their effectiveness in providing separation and reinforcement. In addition, microorganisms can cause degradation of the geotextile material over time, compromising its structural integrity. Therefore, it is important to consider and manage these biological factors when using geotextiles in various applications.

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