Single or double sides thermoforming nonwoven geotextile product, adopt PP/PET/PA etc. Fibers

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Single or double sides thermoformingnonwoven geotextile product, adopt PP/PET/PA etc. Fibers
As the raw material, production process including: Non-woven technique, hotrolling and bonding

Specification of ThermalBonded Non-Woven Geotextile for road railway tunnel canel projects
LOOg/m2 _ 500G/M2

Property of ThermalBonded Non-Woven Geotextile for road railway tunnel canel projects
1. Neat and smooth appearance, high grab strength, low elongation, resist acidand alka
Abrasio n - resistant, good antibacterial property
2. Good hydrophily / water repellency property ( based upon different rawmaterial ), uniform net
Surface, soft and smooth hand feeling

Application ofThermal Bonded Non-Woven Geotextile for road railway tunnel canelprojects
Could be processed to ecological bag and planting bag, applied for highway,railway, dam, river
Bank, landscape etc. Ecological environment protection engineering. Also couldbe used as medi-
Cal sanitation nonwovens material, garment nonwovens material, daily life usenonwovens mate-
Rial, industrial nonwovens material, AG ricultural nonwovens material, nationaldefense use nonwo-
Vens material, etc.
I. Medical and sanitation nonwovens: Operation gown, protection suit,disinfection cloth, respira
Tor and disposable sanitation cloth, etc
2. Home decoration nonwovens: Wall covering fabric, table cloth, bed sheet, bedspreadetc
3. Garment nonwovens: Lining, fusible interlining, flocculus, setting cotton,various synthetic leather
Base cloth, etc
4.1ndustrial nonwovens: Base material, reinforced material, polishing material,filtration material,
Insulating material for roof waterproof coiled material and asphalt shingle,cement packing bag,
Geotextile, cladding cloth, etc
5. Agricultural nonwovens: Crop protection material, seeds breeding fabric,irrigation cloth, heat
Preservation curtain, etc
6. Ecological environment protection nonwovens: Processed to ecological bag andplanting bag,
Applied for highway, railway, dam, river bank, landscape etc. Ecologicalenvironment protection
7. Other type nonwovens: Space cotton, heat preservation and sound insulationmaterial, oil sor
Bent mat, cigarette filter tip, tea bag, shoe material, etc

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Q:Geomembrane bag bag is geomembrane or geotextile
Neither is the geotextile bag made of woven cloth
Q:Engineering geotextile non-woven fabrics where the cheapest can buy, where the wholesale market?
Hello, I am a geotextile manufacturer, quality assurance geotextile, cost-effective, logistics benefits.
Q:Can the nonwoven geotextile be used to hold the soil
Yes, the soil is not lost on the line, ground watering, if the balcony need to consider good health problems. More vegetables on the issue of "pan rice race vegetables Q & A network
Q:Why the durability of filament geotextile is relatively strong
The reason for raw materials
Q:What is the geotextile cloth? Is there there?
Geotextile geotextile, also known as geotextile, it is made of synthetic fibers through the needle or woven from the permeability of geosynthetics. Finished cloth for the cloth, the general width of 4-6 meters, the length of 50-100 meters. Geotextile is divided into a woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. Geotextile has excellent filtration, isolation, reinforcement protection, high tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature, anti-freeze, anti-aging, corrosion resistance. Divided into: non-woven geotextile, a textile geotextile (reinforced geotextile), warp knitted geotextile with demand can contact: Fang Lingyan Tel:
Q:Geotextile how to sampling
With special equipment, you can contact the company.
Q:Geotextile wholesale price of how much money, geotextile fabric manufacturers latest offer
Geotextile wholesale, ranging from 5000-9000 yuan a ton. Geotextile manufacturers to answer your questions
Q:Geotextile how to sample
It is best in the middle of a piece of cloth cut 1 square meters on the line
Q:Geotextile and geogrid anti-cracking which
Generally used in the geotextile, generally used in soft foundation reinforcement treatment; slope protection; road anti-reflective crack structure layer; drainage system; green belt
Q:Geotextile laying should be beyond the edge of how to set the number of specific requirements?
Can be more than 1 meter or so, I am specializing in the production of geotechnical materials, wish smooth

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