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One of the best ground covers for a shady lawn is moss. It thrives in low light conditions, requires minimal maintenance, and creates a lush, green carpet-like appearance.
Ground cover can have both positive and negative effects on the growth of nearby groundcovers. On one hand, it can provide shade and reduce competition for resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients, leading to better growth of adjacent groundcovers. On the other hand, if the ground cover is too dense or invasive, it can outcompete and suppress the growth of neighboring groundcovers, limiting their ability to thrive. Therefore, the impact of ground cover on nearby groundcovers depends on factors such as the type and density of the ground cover, as well as the specific needs of the neighboring plants.
Yes, nursery trays can be used for growing ornamental plants. Nursery trays provide a suitable environment for starting and nurturing young plants, including ornamental ones. The trays allow for efficient seed germination, root development, and easy transportation of the plants. They also provide proper drainage and a controlled environment for optimal growth.
we should recycle plastic but what is wrong with plastic recycling?
The real answer to this question is against intuition. No. For most items that are not under pressure, or contain liquids, there is no need for plastics at all. The exception to this is milk, which has a cardboard alternative already used worldwide, that is suicidal to open without wearing the contents. Secondly, any plastics that we do use, we should reuse, not recycle. Why not send pop bottles back to the factory to have a clean, re-topped and reused. Also there should be a prize for the genius of pop bottle re-used invention, from the ubiquitous bird feeder and plant pot, to arty tumblers and jugs. I use them for water, funnels, cloches etc. A good re-use is much more economic in carbon output than recycling. Indeed the philosophy of this site is, in fact, re-usage and not recycling. Better begged, bashed and broken, Than buried for an archaeological token Reforge stuff on the reuse anvil Try not to send it all to landfill
No, nursery trays typically do not come with a humidity control feature.
Yes, nursery trays are suitable for starting aromatic herbs. They provide an ideal environment for seed germination and root development, allowing the herbs to establish before transplanting them into their final growing location. Nursery trays also help with organization and space management, making it easier to care for multiple herbs at once.
i don't know this but i think plastic is a very good heat insulator
For the best answers, search on this site I don't think heat conductivity has anything to do with color. Metals are good heat conductors while wood and plastics are poor heat conductors. Black rough objects get hotter in the Sunlight than white shiny ones because they do not reflect sunlight as efficiently.
Hi, if you can have any plastic surgery what will you like to change about yourself .... answer frankly.this is a hypothetical question, so no anti-plastic surgery critics.i just want to know what is the most common thing people hate about themselves and why.
At 22 years old, I had a tummy tuck after giving birth with an additional 70 lbs. to lose! My 5' frame went from 100 to 170 lbs., then back down to 100 lbs. within that year. Everyone thought I was crazy to resort to plastic surgery at 22 years old. But even after losing the weight, I still had the roll of extra skin around my belly that I didn't have before getting pregnant. So today, at 40 years old, I still have a flat tummy with no stretch marks whatsoever (oh yeah - when they pull and tuck to tighten the belly, they cut off the extra which is usually the part that contains the stretch marks!) Plastic surgery is not changing yourself, but improving upon what you already have!