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ArchitecturalDecorative Wire Meshare used high quality stainless steel wire,brass wire and phosphor copper wire composite into  

warp wire(stainless steel wire),then with  weft wire(stainless steel rods) woven into the net. So it is also called composite  decorative wire mesh, mainly used for walls decorativemesh.


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:2mm

  • Bar Pitch:4.5mm

  • Warp Cable:3mm

  • Cable Pitch:5mm

  • Weight:14.14kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:1.5mm

  • Bar Pitch:1.5mm

  • Warp Cable:1mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:35mm

    Weight: 7.26kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:8mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:90mm

  • Weight: 8.3kg/m2

    3810_S=FUTURA 3110PC

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:7.5mm

  • Warp Cable:2mmX3

  • Cable Pitch:80mm

  • Weight: 8.58kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch:3mm

  • WarpCable:1.5mmX4

  • Cable Pitch:50mm

  • Weight: 7.31kg/m2


  • Material: SS304

  • Weft Bar DIA.:3mm

  • Bar Pitch: 3mm

  • Warp Cable: 2mmX4

  • Cable Pitch: 50mm

  • Weight:10.97kg/m2

    1535=OMEGA 1510

  • Material: SS304

  • Weft BarDIA.(flat bar): 2mmX1.7mm

  • Bar Pitch: 2mm

  • Warp Cable:2mm

  • Cable Pitch:17mm

  • Weight: 6.63kg/m2

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Q:a peep under the curtain wall analysis!! HELPPPP?
My perception of this, as an American, is that the cartoon is somewhat lambasting Churchill, who coined the term iron curtain. It is implying that he's on the outside looking in, but the by order of Joe makes me think it's a stab at the US (known as G.I. Joe in the era). The Cold War was waged between the US and the USSR, Britain was largely left out of it. So even though Churchill was the first to identify the threat he was excluded from the ideological battle by the two greater powers, the US and the USSR.
Q:How can I use curtains to cover my entire wall?
Since there will be wide thing behind the curtains, I don't think a curtain rod is the answer because it would be flush to the wall and the curtains would bulge out to cover the stuff.So here's what might work. You can buy closet rod holders at Home Depot that will attach to the wall.Buy a curtain rod (metal),stick it through the curtains and then attach it in the holes. I would measure the file cabinets and boxes and then put the rod about 6 past them so the curtains will hang straight. Hope this makes sense. I think it will work
Q:Im trying to put up my slider door curtains & it seems like the whole wall is studded!?
It is always the hope for hanging curtains and pictures that one lucks out and hits a stud. Then one knows that their hanging item will stay put. Some contractors when doing custom homes will actually put up extra wood inside of the wall, (like a 2x6 or a 2x8 across the studs), to accommodate curtain hanging. You actually have lucked out and should hang your curtains nice and secure onto that wood that you've found! Most likely your thumping into either the header or specially placed wood for curtain hanging. It is a GOOD thing to find solid wood to hang stuff onto! Below is a good picture of what you're hitting inside of the wall:
Q:Building curtain wall embedded parts need to do what project testing
Generally do the yield strength of steel, tensile strength, elongation and cold bending and other tests. Sent to the local professional testing of qualified testing units testing, usually 60 tons a batch. The cost of a batch of 100 to 200 yuan, the local some differences.
Q:Three types of lightning protection building curtain wall how many meters do lightning protection
Norms and there is no provisions of the curtain wall is necessary to do lightning, but all the provisions of the third class of mine building buildings, it is necessary according to the provisions of the third type of mine structures to do the relevant lightning protection measures.
Q:How to collect water and electricity charges for curtain wall installation works
The construction quota stipulates that the construction and use of hydropower shall be carried out by the owner in the field of installation of water, electricity meter, construction contractor custody, construction contractor according to the table measurement, according to the budget price to return to the owners; if unconditional meter measurement, Owners of water, electricity, in the completion of the project settlement, the construction contractor should be the cost of the project 7 ‰ paid to the owners (of which water accounted for 2 ‰, electricity accounted for 5 ‰). Decoration works should be carried out by the construction of the use of hydropower, the owner should be installed in the field of water, electricity meter, pay the construction contractor to use, the construction contractor according to the table, according to the budget price to the owners. Or in consultation with the construction unit.
Q:How to distinguish between glass curtain wall and decorative glass curtain wall
Glass membrane wall is a maintenance structure, play a basic role in the enclosure. Decorative, estimated can be regarded as building components, no need to exist. JGJ 102-2003 "glass curtain wall engineering technical specifications" is the definition of the glass curtain wall: the construction of the curtain wall: the structure of the support system and the panel can be relative to the main structure of a certain displacement capacity, does not share the main structure of the role of the building periphery Protective structure or decorative structure. Glass curtain wall: panel material for the glass building curtain wall. It can be seen whether the glass curtain wall is the key to see whether the glass structure has a certain displacement ability with the main structure of the whole house building and does not share the structure of the main body structure. If the glass support base is derived from the main body of the building, such as steel or steel that supports the glass, it can not be called a glass curtain wall by the pillars, beams or walls of the main building.
Q:We have to use the real estate glass curtain wall,the need to provide any parameters to the manufacturers?
This is to be real estate design plans to order it floor map and the glass curtain wall map to the manufacturers on it.
Q:Curtain Rod not Staying in Wall?
Take it down and polifill the hole.Then go to the hard ware store and get a bigger wall stud and another anchor.By doing this you will distribute the weight of the curtain rod better.then put it back and it should stay.
Q:Wall dry hanging stone design did not require protection is also done protection
Stone protective agent construction process Note: 1, before using the protective agent, make sure that all the surfaces to be treated are thoroughly cleaned without any sediment and particles 2, the protective agent to brush in the stone surface is no longer processed, And not for the re-processing of stone surface. Such as for re-processing of stone, the application of immersion method, but more waste 3, in the stone tree processing, love wash, dry (about 72 hours), brush protective agent is better 4, the construction, the brush is full of brushed to brush, the stone plane placed better 5, brush the first pass, the protective agent infiltration and then brush the second time the best 6, for silicone products, brush 24 hours to do waterproof protection 7, according to the actual situation, to determine the five-sided protection or six-sided protection 8, can not use two products at the same time 9, carefully read the product manual, and strictly follow the implementation

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