Protective mesh Metal Wire Mesh Good quality

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Material: Stainless Steel Wire,Iron Wire,Copper Wire,Steel Wire,Black Wire Mesh,Brass Wire,Low-Carbon Iron Wire,Aluminum Wire,Galvanized Steel Wire,PVC Coated Steel Wire,Plastic Coated Iron Wire,Aluminum Alloy Wire,Phosphor Bronze Wire,Galvanized Iron Wire Hole Shape: Round,Square,Diamond,Hexagonal Application: Construction Wire Mesh,Protectiong Mesh,Fence Mesh,Decorative Mesh,Screen,Window Curtain,Barbecue Wire Mesh,Cages
Customized: Customized Feature: Fireproof,Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Invisible,Anti-Theft Standard: AISI,ASTM,BS,DIN,GB,JIS
Certification: CE,ISO9001,SGS,RoHS Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue Surface Treatment: Power Coating,Electroplating,Spraying,Polishing,Oxidation,Hot Galvanized,Zinc Plating

Product Description:


Application of Protective mesh editing causes high slope protection of highway cause:


1, under the road foundation is a natural unstable sliding body;

2, both sides of the highway slope is too steep;

3, with the wrong inclination level method of embankment;

4, the soil is too wet, reduces the cohesion and internal friction;

5, the toe of the slope water erosion.

6, the construction of highway, the stability of rock individual lots of destruction, especially the rock toward the cutting direction, and then there is the role of water damage or earthquake caused by.

7, the mountain on both sides of the highway itself rock structure and structure instability.

8, debris flow damage.

The Feature of Protective mesh editing causes high slope protection of highway cause

The 2 active slope protection system editing active slope protection net synopsis

Active protection active protection system is based on the steel wire net mainly various kinds of flexible network covers wrapped in the required protection slope or on rocks, to limit the slope rock soil weathering or damage and for rock collapse (reinforcement), or will the rockfall control in a certain range of motion (envelope function).


Protective mesh Metal Wire Mesh Good quality

Protective mesh Metal Wire Mesh Good quality



The first two through the wire rope anchor and / or support rope fixed mode, the latter through reinforced (can be prestressed) and / or rope bolt (a method of edge supporting rope), fixed anchor plate and the necessary special edge support rope etc..

Adavantage of Protective mesh editing causes high slope protection of highway cause

The characteristics of the product

Has the advantages of high flexibility, high protection strength, easily spreading. Adapt to any slope terrain, the installation procedure standardization, systematization.

Descriotion of Protective mesh editing causes high slope protection of highway cause

The system adopts cutting of installation, short construction period, low construction cost.

Special manufacturing process system materials and high anticorrosive and antirust technology, determines the ultra high life system. System will affect the project team on the environment to the lowest point, the protection of soil, the protection area can be fully rock solid, convenient artificial afforestation, is conducive to environmental protection.

Action principle is similar to the anchor and soil nailing wall surface slope protection system, but because of its flexible feature enables the system to be locally concentrated loads to four weeks were material: steel wire net, ordinary steel grille (often called the wire grid) and TECCO high strength steel wire mesh uniform transfer to give full play to the whole system's protection capability, that is, the local load, the overall effect, so that the system can bear larger load and reduce the anchoring force of single bolt requirements.

The purpose of the product

The openness of the system, the groundwater can be freely excretion, avoid due to rising groundwater pressure caused by slope instability problems; the system in addition to a certain contribution to the stability of the slope, also can inhibit the slope from being further weathering and denudation, and no special requirement on the slope morphology, does not destroy the original topography and slope and change vegetation growth conditions, the open feature for subsequent or future conditional and needed to carry out artificial greening slope retaining the necessary conditions, green plants can grow in the open space, plant root soil reinforcement and slope protection system as a whole, thereby inhibiting the slope destruction and soil erosion, which in turn protect topography and slope vegetation, slope protection and environmental protection to achieve the best.

The specification of Protective mesh editing causes high slope protection of highway cause

Common types: system of wire rope supporting rope anchor + + suture rope, orifice pit + tension [or edge (along) anchor (cable anchor 2-4m distance 4.5m) + vertical support rope (phi 12- Phi 16) + steel wire rope (08/300/4*4 m) + suture rope (phi 8)]



1. Payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union

2. Payment terms:   30% by T/T should be paid in advance, the balance payment paid againest the copy of B/L

3. Delivery time: shipping products within ten days, or negotiate according to total quantity.

4. Min order quantity: 50 pieces, or by negotiate with each other


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