The Mountain Protection Network Net slope Protection

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Material: Galvanized Iron Wire Hole Shape: Round Application: Protectiong Mesh,Fence Mesh
Customized: Customized Feature: Heat Insulation Standard: ASTM,DIN
Certification: CE,ISO9001,SGS,RoHS Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue Surface Treatment: Power Coating,Electroplating,Spraying,Polishing,Oxidation,Hot Galvanized,Zinc Plating

Product Description:

The description of Mountain protective net :


The mountain protection network editor mountain protection net is mainly divided into: active and passive mountain mountain protection net series protective net series. (also known as: Net slope protection, slope protection net, steel wire rope, SNS flexible protective nets.)


The feature of Mountain protective net

Passive mountain protective net is divided into: general flexible wire rope protective net and high strength steel wire composite annular protective net.

The 2 active mountain protection net introduction editor: the characteristics of the product

The raw material is made to special processing technology, high strength and anti-corrosion of the characteristics of the product, plays a decisive role in ultra long life products. Active protection net has the advantages of high flexibility, protection strength and easy spreading of super high, in order to make this product suitable for any slope and terrain using. To install the program standardization, systematization, provides great convenience for construction personnel. Both cost savings have shortened the construction period.


The Mountain Protection Network Net slope Protection

The Mountain Protection Network Net slope Protection


The Application of Mountain protective net

This series is mainly used for: mountain slope protection, slope destruction and soil erosion inhibition. On (such as landslides, Rock Hill Foundation instability, debris flow disaster) play a protective role.

Open the series: in addition to a certain contribution to the stability of the slope, also can inhibit the slope from being further weathering and denudation, and no special requirement on the slope morphology, does not destroy the original and change slope topography and vegetation growth conditions, retained the convenient condition of artificial slope virescence in implementing its open characteristic to subsequently or in the future and when necessary, conditions, green plants can grow in the open space, plant root soil reinforcement and slope protection system as a whole, not only inhibit the slope destruction and soil erosion, but also protect the landforms and vegetation on slope, slope protection and environmental protection to achieve the best.

Three: the product structure and model

Product structure: steel wire rope (professional use), anchor rope, steel wire rope, rope, wire grid supporting stitching a series of components assembly. Has certain stability, firmness, openness to the growth and protection of the slope.

The specification of Mountain protective net

(1) a simple type: edge (or along the rope bolts supporting rope) + + suture rope (D0/08/300 steel rope net + + along anchorage along (or lateral) support rope) edge (or along the rope bolts supporting rope) + + suture rope (D0/08/300 + along the steel rope net anchor + along (or lateral) support rope).

(2): the common type system of wire rope anchor + support rope + suture rope and wire grid, orifice pit + tension [or edge (along) anchor (cable anchor 2-4m distance 4.5m) + vertical support rope (phi 12- Phi 16) + steel wire rope (08/300/4*4 m) + suture rope (less 8).

Commonly used models: GAR1, GAR2, GPS1, GPS2, GTC-65A, GTC-65B.


The advantage  of Mountain protective net

3 passive mountain protection net editor: the characteristics of the product

The system flexibility and strength enough to intercept, absorb and disperse the expected impact of rockfall, design of energy dissipation by, make the product ring and anti impact capability has been further improved. Compared with the intercept and masonry retaining wall rigid primitive, changed the original construction process, shortens the construction period and reduce government funding. Passive protection net energy absorption capacity can reach 150--2000 kg shock, serious loss of interception and prevent natural disasters brought.

FAQ  of Mountain protective net

1. What is the application of your products :


Suitable for: both sides of highway, railway, traffic, architecture design seen around.

2. what is the founction of your products:


Mainly to the natural disasters (such as: rockfall, flying rock avalanche, landslide, debris flow, etc.) of the interception and protection plays a vital role in. Avoid natural disasters bring to people's life and property damage.

3. what is your payment term ?




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