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  • Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • color:black green and so on

  • weight:220g 260g 350g 430g

  • width:2.0m

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Packaging Details:general packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:7 days after receiving 30%T/T


erosion control geonet
erosion control mat


Geomat is a new-typed seed planting material with tridimensional structure, which can effectively prevent the soil being washed away, increase the area of the virescence, improve the environment.

Application of Geomat
It can protect the ground surface being corroded before the turf is growing up, and fix the seeds.
The compound protection layer formed after the grass grows up can endure washing by high level and high speed water. It can be a substitute of the concrete, bitumen, stone etc to be the slope protection material. It has mainly been used in highway, railway, riverway, embankment, hillside etc.

erosion control geonet
erosion control mat

Standard Type(Slope Angle≤45°)

Art No.





Item and Type





Unit Weight≥(g/ m 2 )










Tensile Strength≥(kN/m)








High Tensile Strength Type(Slope Angle 50°- 90°)

Art No.







Item and Type




Tensile Strength  ≥(kN/m)









Q:What are the best ground cover plants for small spaces?
Some of the best ground cover plants for small spaces include creeping thyme, Irish moss, dwarf mondo grass, and creeping Jenny. These plants are low-growing, spread quickly, and require minimal maintenance. They add beauty and texture to small spaces while preventing weed growth and erosion.
Q:A few months ago, there was news about the nalgene bottles being harmful because of the plastic. They said if plastic has a recycling symbol with a number seven inside, we shouldn't use it.Now what about the water cooler/dispensers? You know, the white tower with a big blue bottle of water inserted? I just checked under that blue bottle and it had the number seven. Is it harmful?
The number 7 symbol on plastics is not a specific type of plastic. Numbers 1 to 6 tell you what type of plastic it is. Number 7 means 'other' - i.e. it doesn't fit into groups 1 to 6. It could be anything. The only way to find out exactly what is in the plastic is to contact the manufacturer, although they may not be completely forthcoming about what's in there! Added on Aug 6th: Finally, Miz Pearle - someone else on here making sense!
Q:Are agricultural plastic products used in organic pest control methods?
No, agricultural plastic products are not typically used in organic pest control methods. Organic pest control methods rely on natural and environmentally-friendly solutions, such as biological controls, crop rotation, and companion planting, rather than synthetic materials like plastic.
Q:How are plastic seedling trays beneficial in large-scale nurseries?
Plastic seedling trays are beneficial in large-scale nurseries due to their durability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in promoting healthy plant growth. They provide a stable environment for the seedlings, protecting them from external factors such as pests and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, these trays can be easily sterilized, reducing the risk of diseases and ensuring the overall health of the plants. Moreover, their uniform design allows for efficient irrigation and nutrient distribution, optimizing water and fertilizer usage. Overall, plastic seedling trays contribute to increased productivity, improved plant quality, and reduced production costs in large-scale nurseries.
Q:Can nursery trays be used for starting a pollinator garden?
Yes, nursery trays can be used for starting a pollinator garden. They provide a convenient and organized way to start seeds or propagate plants that attract pollinators. The trays can be filled with seed-starting mix or potting soil, allowing the seeds or seedlings to grow in a controlled environment before being transplanted into the garden.
Q:Do nursery trays come with a seedling mat?
No, nursery trays typically do not come with a seedling mat.
Q:How do you prevent ground cover from becoming invasive?
The best way to prevent ground cover from becoming invasive is to choose non-invasive species and plant them in appropriate areas. Regularly monitoring and managing the growth of ground cover by pruning or cutting back can also help maintain control and prevent it from spreading aggressively. Additionally, avoiding the introduction of ground cover from outside sources and properly disposing of any invasive plants can further prevent their spread.
Q:Should we just ban the production of plastic bags for our environments good? why or why not
Hey, environment lover, where you are going to put dog poop than? Lets leave it on the streets, shouldn't we? And ban these pesky plastic bags. I don't know what plastic bags did to you, but I use them to collect trash as well as bring grocery from the store. I find it pretty useful invention. If you don't you can just not to use it. Why should I suffer? If you want to smell dog crap on the streets and carry your food and garbage in your hands, be my guest. Do you think paper bags more environment friendly? Do you know that the paper made of wood? Do you know how many trees should die to supply you with your paper bags? Do you know that cotton and other reusable bags collect a lot of bacteria that dangerous for your health from multiple usage, and you have to practically wash it after every usage? Using clean water (wasting valuable natural resource), electricity power (made from coal at electric stations). At the end you will be bigger polluter than I would be, by using plastic bags. And you will live in much dirtier world compare to mine.
Q:How do I prevent ground cover from overwhelming small flowering plants?
One way to prevent ground cover from overwhelming small flowering plants is by regularly maintaining and controlling the growth of the ground cover. This can be done by pruning, trimming, or selectively removing the ground cover around the small flowering plants to allow them enough space and light to thrive. Additionally, creating physical barriers like edging or installing a root barrier can help restrict the spread of ground cover and prevent it from smothering the smaller plants.
Q:How do agricultural plastic products help with seedling production?
Agricultural plastic products help with seedling production by creating a controlled environment for the seeds and seedlings. They provide protection from extreme weather conditions, pests, and diseases, which can greatly improve germination rates and overall plant health. Additionally, plastic products like mulch films help conserve moisture in the soil, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature, creating optimal conditions for seedling growth.

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