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Nonwoven Bag for shopping food

Nonwoven Bag for shopping food

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Nonwoven Bag for shopping food
It is made from PP, non woven fabric m slikcreen with handle .
1). Material: Eco-friendly non-woven fabrics.
2). Printing: CMYK silkcreen printing, heat transfer, lamination, etc.
3). Handle: Self non woven fabric stitched with "X" to reinforce, "X" not visible from the outside
4). Weight: 80GSM, 60-120GSM non woven fabric can be choose.
5). Size: Your request is welcomed, customized.
6). Features: Eco-firendly, high quality, recyclable, reasonable price, 100%manufacturer.
7). Application: Suitable for advertisement, gift bag, grocery store, surpermarket shopping, sales promotion and so on.
8). Color reference: CMYK/PMS/full color
Item no. XHWK001
Size: 30cmW*45cmH
Material non woven
Weight: 80gsm
Piping: No piping, inside sew
Handle: Non woven
Print: Silkscreen
Others: Punched plastic handle
Label: As customized sew or not sew "made in china" label
Packing: 100pcs per carton; 1 opp bag for one carton or customerized

1.What is your main products ?

Our main products are made from PE ,PP etc and could be used for agriculture and construction ,etc .

2.What is your payment term ?

We could accept TT ,LC.

3.What is your delivery time

The delivery time is around 30days per container, sometimes we have stocks .

Q:What are the advantages of using plastic fumigation sheets?
Plastic fumigation sheets offer several advantages, including their ability to provide a barrier against pests and insects, their durability and resistance to tear, their flexibility in covering various shapes and sizes of objects, their cost-effectiveness compared to other fumigation materials, and their transparency which allows for easy monitoring of the fumigation process.
Q:How do agricultural plastic products help in reducing post-harvest losses?
Agricultural plastic products help in reducing post-harvest losses by providing proper protection and storage for harvested crops. These products, such as plastic bags, crates, and containers, help to maintain the freshness, quality, and nutritional value of the produce by preventing moisture loss, insect infestation, and physical damage during transportation and storage. Additionally, plastic films and covers can be used to create controlled environments, such as greenhouses, which extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Overall, agricultural plastic products play a crucial role in minimizing post-harvest losses and ensuring higher yields for farmers.
Q:What are the benefits of using agricultural plastic products?
The benefits of using agricultural plastic products include increased crop yields, improved pest and weed control, reduced water usage, protection from extreme weather conditions, and extended growing seasons.
Q:Do ground cover plants require pruning?
Yes, ground cover plants may require pruning depending on the specific species. Pruning can help control their growth, promote denser foliage, and prevent them from becoming invasive or overgrown.
Q:what classification of plastic is ABS plastic? can it be recycled?
ABS stands for acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene. It is a terpolymer, ie, one made with three monomers. It is an addition polymer, one which is polymerized by opening double bonds [as opposed to a condensation polymer like nylon or polyester, where small molecules are broken out]. ABS is a linear thermoplastic. It is quite tough, because it has both rubbery and glassy segments. I see no reason it could not be recycled, though there could be problems with getting enough of it together to be economic. Polyethylene is made in such huge quantities that gathering enough of it to recycle is economically feasible.
Q:How do I with common household chemicals?
without the chance of damage to the plastic you can try apple cider vinegar and scrape with a popsicle stick with the end cut off on a slant like a sharp edge. There's no scratches with it. Hot full strength apple cider vinegar will take off paint and varnish.
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This okorder . You can ask specific questions online (it's free )and many board certified medical experts - top notch plastic surgeons, etc. who participate voluntarily (no payments are made - so it's unbiased) will respond online. You can then have direct contact with those who respond. Site is also used by many hundreds who have undergone a wide range of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery, etc. Many share online their assessments of the treatments, good and bad (and sometimes nightmarish) state treatment cost and say if it was worth it. Many are not happy with the results. Some submit before and after photos. Mukunda
Q:How do you prevent ground cover from outcompeting other plants for nutrients and water?
One way to prevent ground cover from outcompeting other plants for nutrients and water is by practicing regular maintenance and monitoring. This includes timely pruning or trimming of ground cover to prevent it from spreading excessively and shading out other plants. Additionally, implementing a proper irrigation system that targets the specific needs of each plant can help ensure equal distribution of water and prevent ground cover from monopolizing it. Finally, periodically fertilizing the soil and providing adequate nutrients to all plants can help maintain a balanced ecosystem and prevent ground cover from overpowering other plants.
Q:Can agricultural plastic products be used for mulching?
Yes, agricultural plastic products can indeed be used for mulching. They are commonly utilized in farming and gardening practices as a means of conserving soil moisture, preventing weed growth, and regulating soil temperature. Agricultural plastic mulches also help enhance crop yields and protect plants from pests and diseases.
Q:How do you prevent ground cover plants from spreading into neighboring lawns?
There are a few methods to prevent ground cover plants from spreading into neighboring lawns. Firstly, you can install a physical barrier like edging or a trench to create a boundary between the ground cover and the lawn. This will help restrict their growth. Secondly, regular maintenance such as mowing or trimming can help keep the ground cover plants in check and prevent them from overgrowing. Additionally, selective herbicides can be used to control the spread of ground cover plants, but caution must be exercised to avoid damaging the lawn. It is important to regularly monitor and address any signs of spreading to nip the issue in the bud.

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