• Nonwoven Bag/ Non-Woven Bag System 1
Nonwoven Bag/ Non-Woven Bag

Nonwoven Bag/ Non-Woven Bag

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Supply Capability:
50000pcs m²/month

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Net weight


Net width

0.5m-4.4m or by requirements.

Rolls Lengths

10m, 50m, 100m or by requirements.

mesh density



Green,Black ,Dark green or by requirements.



Using life

Base on weather conditions and use.



Delivery time

25-30days after deposite

Export market

South America,Japan, the Middle East ,Europe , markets.

Min order

4 ton/tons

Terms of Payment

T/T, L/C at sight

Supply capacity

300 ton/tons per month


Rolls on cardboard tubes & wrapped in plastic with color label (or any customized)

8). Color reference: CMYK/PMS/full color
Item no. XHWK001
Size: 30cmW*45cmH
Material non woven
Weight: 80gsm
Piping: No piping, inside sew
Handle: Non woven
Print: Silkscreen
Others: Punched plastic handle
Label: As customized sew or not sew "made in china" label
Packing: 100pcs per carton; 1 opp bag for one carton or customerized

Q:What are the benefits of using plastic poultry feeders for efficient feeding?
Using plastic poultry feeders for efficient feeding offers several benefits. Firstly, plastic feeders are lightweight and easy to handle, making them convenient for farmers to install and move around. Secondly, plastic feeders are durable and resistant to weather conditions, ensuring long-term use without deterioration. Additionally, plastic feeders are easy to clean and maintain, promoting good hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases among poultry. Moreover, plastic feeders are designed to prevent feed wastage and spillage, resulting in cost savings for farmers. Overall, plastic poultry feeders provide efficiency, durability, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness, making them a valuable tool for poultry feeding.
Q:What are some ground cover options for a modern garden?
Some ground cover options for a modern garden include low-maintenance plants like creeping thyme, mondo grass, sedum, or moss. Other options could include ornamental grasses, such as blue fescue or Japanese forest grass, as well as evergreen shrubs like boxwood or lavender. Ultimately, the choice of ground cover will depend on the specific aesthetic and maintenance preferences of the garden owner.
Q:Are there any ground cover plants that are suitable for clay soils?
Yes, there are several ground cover plants that are suitable for clay soils. Some examples include creeping thyme, creeping phlox, English ivy, and bugleweed. These plants are adapted to clay soils and can thrive in such conditions, providing an attractive and low-maintenance ground cover option.
Q:is it against code to use regular plastic outlet electrical boxes for junction boxes?
If the old fixture had the cable interior the fixture, then it became and nevertheless is interior of codes. the entire fixture is seen sufficient as an electric powered field. on your new fixture, you may want a connection field to offer appropriate mounting and cord termination.
Q:How do agricultural plastic products help in reducing labor costs?
Agricultural plastic products help in reducing labor costs by automating certain tasks and improving efficiency in farming operations. For example, plastic mulch films can suppress weed growth, conserve soil moisture, and regulate soil temperature, reducing the need for manual weeding and irrigation. Plastic greenhouse covers provide better control over climate conditions, reducing the labor required for monitoring and adjusting environmental factors. Additionally, plastic containers or bags can simplify packaging and transportation processes, saving time and effort. Overall, these plastic products streamline various agricultural activities, minimizing the need for extensive manual labor and ultimately reducing labor costs.
Q:How do nursery trays prevent soil erosion?
Nursery trays prevent soil erosion by providing a stable and contained environment for plants to grow. The trays hold the soil in place, preventing it from being washed away by water runoff or blown away by wind.
Q:I understand there are recycling centers, that grind plastic or pvc pipes. However I am interested in seeing if there are places to purchase recycled pvc that people do not need anymore. Instead of grinding it down or selling, I want to know if there are places that sell recycled plastic back. If so, what would I look for. I am in New Jersey if you know about this please let me know. Thanks
plastic is banned and we must use cloth bags or recyled ones to prevent misuse
Q:What are some ground cover options for a tropical garden?
Some ground cover options for a tropical garden include moss, ferns, lantana, creeping fig, ivy, and mondo grass.
Q:Can agricultural plastic products be used in aquaponic nutrient cycling?
Yes, agricultural plastic products can be used in aquaponic nutrient cycling. Plastic products such as grow beds, media beds, and pipes can be utilized in aquaponic systems to hold and transport water, plants, and fish. These plastic components help create a controlled environment for nutrient cycling and provide a hygienic and durable solution for growing plants and raising fish.
Q:does anyone know the basic ingredients you have to have to make plastic? like maybe resin, binder etc etc... the main stuff a plastic is made of... and where do the polymer things go in in the solution?
It entirely depends on what polymer you intend on making. What most people consider plastic is polyethylene of varying formula mass, which can be done with household ingredients, I think, but probably isn't in industry. Also polymers don't typically stay in solution if you make them right.

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